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Mazza Inspection group the best in Agoura Home Inspectors

Looking for an over-the-top thorough home inspection company?I bet you are. Well, I’m happy to inform you that you’re officially done looking. There really is no other company as thorough or provides as comprehensive of a home inspection in Agoura as Mazza Inspection.

You want a company that works for you and not the Realtors? Looking for a guy who will basically “camp-out”, not rush, and take as long it it takes to perform your inspection. Again… that’s us. We get almost 100% percent of our business from referrals and the internet. We get ZERO percent from Realtors. What does this mean to you? It, means that we do not care if they are impressed with our services, work to close their deal and whether or not we get on their “referral lists”. In other words, no chance of collusion.

Our number one priority is the client. As much as we appreciate Realtor referrals (as sparse as they are), our only goal is to educate our clients on their prospective home or investment. We work for you, the client period.

So where do we get our business?

  1. Internet = 80%
  2. Referrals = 20%
  3. Realtors = 0%

Swimming pool Inspections in Agoura

Marc Mazza is not just a “certified” swimming pool inspector whatever that means. No, Marc is a California State licensed Swimming pool repair contractor. That means when he looks at your swimming pool it’s from the perspective of having performed hundreds of pool related repairs. Be careful, the inspectors who are only “certified” will likely spend about 15-20 minutes inspecting your pool whereas Mazza, well…, we’ll spend up to however long it takes.

​All Agoura Home Inspectors serving Agoura are not equally qualified.

All Agoura home inspectors do not do the same… know the same… inspect the same.  Qualifications such as skills, experience and knowledge vary among inspectors and inspection companies. It’s more like all-over-the-map. There are zero minimum requirements or licenses in place when it concerns any home inspector in California.

Each company will have differences when it comes to inspection approaches, techniques, articulation of findings, reports, ethics and far more. Be aware of these differences and do diligent research before choosing a company to put your trust in.

What makes Mazza inspectors different than other Agoura home inspectors?

Mazza Inspectors possess valid qualifications. They are licensed California contractors, Thermographers, F.I.R.E. certified chimney/fireplace inspector, Precast and Rampart general Specialist, and have performed over 14,000+ inspections.

Mazza Inspectors use proprietary inspection methods to complete the most comprehensive and detailed inspection in the industry. Our inspections are based on actual building knowledge and building code, not some useless checklist. Mazza inspectors can articulately explain issues to their clients in an easy to understand manner while separating serious issues (safety or costly) from the less serious issues (cosmetic or less costly).

That’s correct, we’re LEVEL 3 thermographers.
First of all, we’re not just taking pretty pictures in hopes to impress you. Try finding another level 3 thermographer with other Agoura Home Inspectors. We are few and far between. Level three thermographers hold the highest level of certification in thermography.

Are we Home Inspection “certified”?

Heck no we’re not certified. What does that mean anyhow? In a state where there are ZERO licensing or “certification” standards everyone who every wanted to become an inspector for the “easy” money, did.
Can you tell who they are? I didn’t think so.
While having a “certification”sounds official.  It is not.  The only way you’ll ever know the difference between a guy who has real building experience and a guy who does not is a state issued license.

Because California has no such home inspection license, the next best thing is a General Contractor License. We have that and then some.

​How much is an inspection?

Let me ask you this question? What’s it worth to hire an inspector who misses so much it causes you to re-think ever having purchased your home? Is the difference of an extra $50 worth having a Licensed contractor like Mazza inspection go through your place? You bet it is. And that’s usually the difference. Mazza inspections fees are comparable to those with our qualifications.

​How long do your inspections take?
This one is easy. Most certified Agoura home Inspectors will perform up to 2 inspections a day. This means they are more likely to rush through your place and not take their time.
Rather than tell you inspections take a specific number of hours, we cannot. This is close to impossible. We’ll tell you, we take as long as it takes.  One hour. Two hours. Eight hours. Just make sure to bring a lunch (and sometimes dinner) when you hire us. Typically, however, a 1000 sq ft home takes no less than 2.5 hours.

​Verified Reviews!

Because we have verified reviews, you wont have to worry about who it is you’re calling. Visit us on Yelp and Google to see them.

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