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Mazza inspection group are experienced Home Inspectors serving Acton, Ca.

All home inspection companies serving Acton are not equally qualified. Qualifications such as skills, experience and knowledge vary among inspectors and inspection companies. There are zero minimum requirements or licenses in place when it concerns any home inspector in California. Each company will have differences when it comes to inspection approaches, techniques, articulation of findings, reports, ethics and far more. Be aware of these differences and do diligent research before choosing a company to put your trust in.

What makes Mazza inspectors different than other Acton home inspectors?

Mazza inspectors possess valid qualifications. They are licensed California contractors, Thermographers, F.I.R.E. certified and have performed over 12,000 inspections.

Mazza Inspectors use proprietary inspection methods to complete the most comprehensive and detailed inspection in the industry. Our inspections are based on actual building knowledge and building code, not a checklist… Mazza inspectors can articulately explain issues to their clients in an easy to understand manner while separating serious issues (safety or costly) from the less serious issues (cosmetic or less costly).

Our number one priority is the client. As much as we appreciate realtor referrals, our goal is to completely educate our clients on their prospective home or investment.
Marc Mazza

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3 reasons why

Mazza Inspectors have you covered. We have Errors and Omissions along with General Liability Insurance.
We are experienced. With well over 12,500 inspections performed we’ve done this once or twice. While California still has NO MINIMUM STANDARDS, we do. We are California Licensed Contractors. We also possess a Level III certification in Thermography which is the highest certification possible with thousands of scans performed ( We’re F.I.R.E fireplace and chimney inspectors. Marc’s a Licensed chimney, pool repair, weatherization Contractor. He is also a FEMA certified foundation retrofit contractor
Price may be a factor to take into consideration when deciding on a company, however, this should not be your first priority. You only have one shot at a home inspection unless you are willing to pay twice. Choosing a company based on a lower price will most definitely cost you in the long run.

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