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Water intrusion specialist Los Angeles

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Moisture intrusion specialist Los Angeles

MAZZA moisture intrusion specialist Los Angeles
Living in Los Angeles has its drawbacks much like anywhere else in California. The weather is not one of them, however. With sunshine occupying much of the year, there is little time for precipitation. So when it does rain, yes you guess it… it pours. Because we don’t see much rain, when it comes it seems to drop in buckets. Water intrusion is the very byproduct of such rain events. The the need for a Water Leak Detection Specialist.

Sure you can go on Google and search “Water leak detection near me” or “water intrusion specialist near me” and see what you get. I can tell you what you will get… a plethora of plumbing contractors who claim to a specialist in stucco water intrusion, window leak detection, or just claim to be leak detection specialist in general.
You may also find companies who claim to be water intrusion specialist, but really, have little experience in sourcing water and where it enters into a building. Performing any water intrusion or leak detection testing in Los Angeles and doing it without a standard in mind is simply reckless.
leak detection in Los Angeles

The biggest difference between a genuine water intrusion expert and a self-proclaimed leak detection or water intrusion specialist is that the specialist will not only understand the standards by which every water intrusion event must be tested but also performs them. Put it this way, you cannot test anything unless it’s tested to a standard. So, when I’m talking about standards I’m generally referring to the AAMA or ASTM standards for water penetration testing.

What is a leak detection specialist?

leak detection specialist in Los Angeles Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspection Company is a Water intrusion specialist. As a specialist, he focuses his energy into discovering the origin of those hard to find leaks within a building. Marc Mazza uses a series of specialized equipment. That is, calibrated spray racks, spray wands and vacuum systems.

As one of the only Level III infrared thermographyers in los Angeles, he is not just another guy who went out and bought an infrared camera to take pretty pictures, no, he understands the science behind the use of infrared thermography. Marc Mazza owner of, an infrared thermography company sets the standard in infrared thermography in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What forms of moisture intrusion do we specialize in?

Call it what you want… water intrusion detection, Leak Detection Specialist, water intrusion specialist. They all similarly mean the same thing. Whether you’re testing decks or walls, windows or roofs, it’s all water intrusion testing. Take window leak detection for example. Testing for window leaks is very different than testing for wall leaks. Leaking windows follow a very strict standardized testing method such as the AAMA 501, 502 or the ASTM E1105 for example. On the other hand, stucco wall water testing can follow the ASTM 2128 or even a modified version of the ASTM 501.2 testing standard.

mazza inspection group moisture intrusion testing Los AngelesMarc Mazza, of Mazzainspections specializes in the location of moisture from;

Leak detection in Los Angeles

Water can travel from just about anywhere. As a matter of fact, for us, as water intrusion specialists testing walls, we start from the bottom. Unlike other so called water moisture leak detection companies, we test via isolation. Isolation is basically the testing of one single area at a time, without getting other areas wet in the process.
water intrusion specialist in Los Angeles The reason for this is because, without the use of isolation, one cannot differentiate whether the specimen tested is leaking. So if its a window, a wall, a roof, deck or whatever. If a water intrusion or leak detection company attempts to test without isolation, they’re probably doing it wrong.

Water intrusion specialist Los Angeles
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Water intrusion specialist Los Angeles
Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspection Company is a Water intrusion specialist. As a specialist, he focuses his energy into discovering the origin of those hard to find leaks within a building.
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