MAZZA moisture intrusion specialist

Water intrusion specialist Los Angeles

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Moisture intrusion specialist Los Angeles

MAZZA moisture intrusion specialist Los Angeles

Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspection Company is a Water intrusion specialist. As a specialist, he focuses his energy into discovering the origin of those hard to find leaks within a building. He uses a series of specialized equipment, most of which is state of the art and as one of the only Level III infrared thermographyers in los Angeles, he is not just another guy who went out and bought an infrared camera to take pretty pictures, no, he understands the science behind the use of infrared thermography. Marc Mazza owner of, an infrared thermography company sets the standard in infrared thermography in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What forms of moisture intrusion do we specialize in?

mazza inspection group moisture intrusion testing Los AngelesMarc Mazza, of Mazzainspections specializes in the location of moisture from

    • Roof leaks
    • Fenestration  – Door or Window leaks
    • Concrete slab leaks
    • Moisture migration through foundation walls / floors
    • Shower pans
    • Much More…


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    A sewer line video camera inspection will allow you to look into the piping for damaged sewer line. The average sewer replacement cost is over $10,000 Sewer replacement is NOT covered by home warranty

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