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Water Heater Installation Requires Permits

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MIG Knows About New Water Heater Installations

Mazza Inspection Group is a code centric inspection company and we pay special attention to the code requirements for the installation of hot water heaters and also the tankless types. Unfortunately, all appliances have a limited lifespan and sooner or later will need to be replaced. Water heaters have a life of approximately 12 years so will probably be replaced more than once. When a home owner replaces the water heater with a new one, the installation requires permits from the Authority Having Jurisdiction. This helps to insure that the job is done by professionals and abides by the standards set forth by the building code. MIG knows the code requirements for hot water heater installations. Building code or standards are set forth to protect the occupants of the home and keep them safe. MIG is concerned for the safety of their clients first.

Did you know that new water heater installations require building permits?

It shall be unlawful for any person to install, remove, or replace  or cause to be installed, removed, or replaced any water  heater without first obtaining a permit from the Authority Having Jurisdiction to do so.

2010 CA Plumbing Code 503.0 Permits

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