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Time Frames for a Home Inspection

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Time Frames for a Home Inspection

Every real estate transaction has a time or contingency period in which the buyer is able to conduct investigations to make a wise decision. Time frames for a home inspection given by the sellers can sometimes be unreasonable. This is a critical part of the transaction because the buyer is limited to 7 or 10 and sometimes a little bit longer to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Typically the buyer is scrambling to try and find the best home inspector possible to check over their prospective purchase in a short period of time. Most people call and ask for the soonest available appointment which naturally would work out best for everyone. Some buyers request same day or next day appointments.

Choose a Home Inspection Company Based on Qualifications and Experience

Be careful not to choose a home inspection company simple based on their availability. Much like the cost of a home inspection, buyers can be tempted to employ less than qualified home inspectors simply because they are available sooner or charge lower fees. From being in this business for close to twenty years, we can tell you that it is not typical for a quality home inspection company to readily available because they are usually booked at least four days in advance.

Short Time Frames for a Home Inspection

Our advice to you would be to be aware of  the time frames for the home inspection offered by the sellers. If it seems short, maybe you can ask them for an extension. Make sure to research potential home inspection companies prior to or, at the latest, as soon as your offer is accepted by the seller. Make sure that you are hiring a home inspection company that possesses the necessary qualifications and experience. Do not choose a company based on availability. Usually immediate availability is not a good indicator and could possibly be a decision made in haste.

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  1. Picking a company based on their experience is a really good idea if you ask me. With home inspections, tight time frames makes it hard to get a qualified inspector IMO…

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