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Okay, okay, there isn’t any minimum requirements in home inspections, but there is some sleight of hand going on with a lot of Thousand Oaks home inspections claiming to be “certified”. You see, certified home inspectors can get the job without ever setting foot on a construction site. All you need is a class fee and a week. Then, like a scene change in a movie, you’re an inspector. Mazza Inspections didn’t take the scene change route. We did things the hard way.

What’s the Hard Way?

The hard way is spending years learning about construction, home building, and building codes. Then, you get licensed as a general contractor. If you’re really ambitious, the way we are, you also pick up some other things, like:

You Come First

Thousand Oaks home inspections should protect people from bad houses, not protect realtors from lost deals. Too often, home inspectors protect the sale and not the customer. We always strive to protect you by delivering accurate, understandable information.

Why the Higher Cost?

Most inspectors charge what they charge because they spend a whopping 45 minutes or less at a house. We spend around an hour and a half or more per house. Predictably, we also track down about twice as many issues.

Realtor Recommended Inspectors Have the Wrong Priorities

Realtors almost always recommend the same inspectors because they trust what those inspectors will do. They’ll keep the deal alive. Those inspectors won’t intentionally do or say anything that might make you think about jumping ship. Why? If they do, realtors won’t send them work anymore. That means they prioritize realtors’ best interests over yours.

Will Our Customers Recommend Us?

We think 5-star reviews are a pretty good recommendation. You can see all of ours over here.

Thousand Oaks Home Inspectors
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Thousand Oaks Home Inspectors
Thousand Oaks Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen. Qualified inspectors are not however.
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