yard drains Santa Clarita Los Angeles

Yard drains for proper drainage

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What to know about yard drains for proper drainage Back in the days when you could buy a house that sat on an acre of land there was no need for yard drains. Here in Los Angeles and local newer communities such as Santa Clarita, yard drains are almost a necessity. Regardless of the soil types present in your area, …

Common problems after home inspection

Common repairs needed after a home inspection

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List of Some Common Repairs Needed After a Home Inspection A good thorough Home inspection can uncover many different issues. Some of these issues can be categorized as superficial and some significant. Of these issues the buyer will have to decide which ones are common repairs and can be put off for say, a later date, which are in need …

Certified Home Inspector Santa Clarita

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Certified home Inspector Santa Clarita I see you are searching for a certified home inspector in Santa Clarita, but did you know that there are no minimum requirements to work as a home inspector in California?  That’s right, In the state of California, all the quantifiable experience necessary to work as a home inspector is… well none, zero, notta. Hmmm, …

Building Code Centric

MIG is Building Code Centric

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To Know Code or not to Know Code… MIG is building code centric and we will explain why we follow these standards as close as we possibly can. Since we are familiar and experienced with construction, we know that every legal structure is built to a standard and requires permits from the authority having jurisdiction. These standards are in place …