Who Should You Call for a Studio City Home Inspection?

The title “certified home inspector” inspires a sense of trust, doesn’t it? Certification means expertise most of the time. Sadly, certified home inspector doesn’t actually translate into professional know-how. Basically, a living adult who can navigate a 1-week course can be “certified.” Want a reliable home inspection on that Studio City house? Consider Mazza Inspections instead.

Do We Have Professional Know-How?

You bet we do. Here are some of our credentials:

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

We deliver reliable inspections because we aren’t mystified by the things we find. We’ve been there and done that.

We’re All About Protecting You

People rely on Studio City home inspections to give them dependable information about the state of a house. You can’t depend on the information you get from someone with no construction work history. They aren’t malicious, just uninformed. We provide reliable information to protect you from an uninformed home purchase decision.

Why Do We Cost More?

It’s true that we charge more than most home inspectors. We also check things they don’t check. We have the practical experience they don’t have. Considering how much you’re about to invest in a Studio City Home, do you really want a cut-rate inspector? Get a mediocre inspection and you could literally end up paying for it for years.

Throw Away Your Realtor’s Inspector Recommendations

Here’s a person whose entire job it is to sell you a house. They know that a non-threatening home inspection can help them sell you on the house purchase. Which inspectors will they recommend? Of course, they’ll pick people who write home inspection reports that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Our Customers Certainly Seem Happy

They’re handing out five-star reviews for our inspections. Take a look here.

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Studio city home inspectors may not always be a qualified as they claim. Be careful of "certified" inspectors.
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