Sherman Oaks Home Inspectors

The Mazza Inspection Group is one of the most thorough home inspection companies in all of Los Angeles. In a business where it is plagued with “certified” individuals with little to absolutely no genuine building experience conducting home inspections, Mazza is the complete package.

BUYER BEWARE! Sherman Oaks Home Inspectors Require ZERO licensing!

Sherman Oaks Home InspectorsYou read that correctly. California has ZERO minimum requirements to work as a Home Inspector. So, with that… can you guess of all your choices for inspector who actually has genuine building experience? Thought not.

Most any companies on the surface and given a nice website, some optimized text and a few reviews, you just might think the inspector your best choice, right? Who knows. Let me re-phrase that. Actually, you will find out real quick, that is once you move into the house he inspected. It wont be until then when you find out just how bad of a home inspector he was. By then it’s too late.

So How Do I choose between these Sherman Oaks Home Inspectors?

The only way to effectively separate the “certified” no-nothing inspectors from the guys who have real genuine quantifiable construction experience is to narrow your chose to the guys with a General Contractors license.
Think about it for a second. If there are ZERO standards or licensing to be a home inspector in California, wouldn’t you rather opt for the guy who took a state sponsored test who prior to taking the test, had to prove he had real construction experience? Me too.

Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspection group is not like the other Sherman Oaks Home Inspectors

Swimming Pool Inspections Sherman Oaks

mazza swimming pool inspections los angelesMarc Mazza is not just a typical Home inspector, he’s a Licensed Swimming pool service and Repair California Contractor.  If you’re buying a home which has a swimming pool, doesn’t it just make sense to have the pool inspected by a professional contractor and not the “certified” guy?

​Fireplace / Chimney California contractor and F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector

Once again, not your typical home inspector. How many home inspectors you know that are fireplace contractors? Not many I can tell you that. Marc is a Rampart General Pre-cast fireplace specialist. Rampart General is a fireplace manufacturer with a fireplace system that is plagued with issues. Many of which render the Chimney system unusable.

​And a Level 3 Infrared Thermographer?

Infrared thermography Los Angeles

What is thermography? It’s the use of a special camera which detects temperatures and puts those temperatures into color. We as thermographers can look at these images and determine whether the color represents an issue or nothing at all. Marc Mazza is a level 3 thermographer. Go ahead… see if you can find another level 3 thermographer in LA and with all these other qualifications. It’s okay… we’ll wait.



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