Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer video inspections can show you what is inside the pipes before you buy them.

A sewer line inspection allows you to see the inside of the sewer pipes for any existing or potential problems. Sewer camera inspections are very commonly added to the list of pre-purchase inspections which are necessary when considering an older house or a house located amongst or around mature trees.

Camera inspections are a piece of mind that the buyer can obtain from a nominal fee, especially when the cost of a new sewer line can be in many cases be north of $10,000.

With today’s technology, however, not all sewer drains which have been perpetrated by roots have to be removed and / or replaced. There are methods now, which allow a plumber to clean out the root system without damaging the pipes, or line the sewer line without removing the existing pipe. Our professional camera technician is a professional plumber with thousands of sewer scans performed, and although he won’t solicit you for any work, he will offer his expert opinion as to the best and most cost effective repair for you should one be needed.

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Sewer Inspection FAQs

A sewer drain camera inspection allows you to see the inside of the sewer pipes for any existing or potential problems. The camera enters the plumbing typically through an available clean out. The camera is equipped with a light so that the interior of the lines area clearly visible for all parties to view from the monitor. This video is recorded and passed on to the buyer or home owner on a cd with a report of problems and approximate costs for repairs if applicable.
If you are a current home owner experiencing a drain problem, a sewer scope can help you to identify the potential cause. If you are a home buyer and the home is in an area with mature trees, especially in the front yard, a sewer scope can help you determine the condition of the pipes so that when you move in you don’t have any surprise backups that may have not been revealed by the occupants or general inspection. You may also want to check the condition prior to doing any major landscaping or hard-scaping in the front yard.
There may be subsurface drains around your property or around your pool that allow excess water to drain from your yard, typically to the street from a hole in the curb. These drains can also be clogged with objects or debris, especially if the drain covers are missing or broken. There is no actual way to know if they are clogged without extensive testing or the use of a camera scope.
Your drain camera scope inspection fee is discounted if you are also ordering a home inspection done by The Mazza Inspection Group.

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    A sewer line video camera inspection will allow you to look into the piping for damaged sewer line. The average sewer replacement cost is over $10,000 Sewer replacement is NOT covered by home warranty