Santa Clarita Water Damage

Santa Clarita Water Damage
Water damage isn’t anything anyone willingly goes through. As a matter of fact, almost everyone who has gone through the experience of damage caused by water intrusion would likely opt for a root canal before having two deal with that ever again. In Santa Clarita Water Damage is just as likely to happen as it is in older parts of Los Angels. It’s not so much the age of construction as it is accidental catastrophe. Thus the need for Santa Clarita water damage restoration.

Because a home is constructed with so many different systems, there are thus multiple opportunity for disaster.  Even though the housing in Santa Clarita is newer, still there are systems within the newer construction which can contribute to water damage in Santa Clarita. An example of these would be items such as ;

Common questions related to water damage

Santa Clarita Water Damage

Roof Leaks and Roof Leak Detection in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Water Damage
Roofs just leak. It’s just what they do. In reality, they aren’t really supposed to leak but it seems as if they do all the time. Especially if you’re reading this because your roof leaks. For the most part, roofs are constructed to last many years with only regular maintenance or up-keep.

This maintenance may be something simple like sealing roof penetrations or replacing worn ridge cap for composition roofs. Concrete tile roofs in Santa Clarita for example, entails repairing slipped and cracked tiles which are often part of typical maintenance. When maintenance isn’t performed as required (and it is required), roof leaks will eventually happen.
Santa Clarita Water Damage

Water damage and Santa Clarita water damage restoration go hand-in-hand when dealing with roof leaks. Santa Clarita roof leaks result in significant damage to the homes annually. Damage caused by water intrusion can affect even the structural stability of a home not to mention damage to the interior finishes. It’s almost as if there is not one without the other. 

On the other hand, because roofs like everything have a life span, they are the most likely of all systems to leak. The roof is essentially the first to take on water such as rain. Therefore, roofs must be built water-tight. A roof inspection performed by a professional roof inspection company, like us.

Water pipe bursts and leaks

Santa Clarita Water Damage
It seems as if all homes at some level possess materials which are part of some class action suit. In Santa Clarita much like homes building Los Angeles, there are multiple different types of materials in a home which are classified as defective. Roofing materials, HVAC components and yes even water pipes. Here in this valley, there are a few water pipes which are classified as defective and have even been part of litigation.

  • Pex
  • Galvanized
  • CPVC
  • Polybutylene

It seems lately with all of the issues CPVC seems to be having, you can add that one to the list of water pipes defective in Santa Clarita. I know as a water intrusion and testing expert, water pipe damage related to interior water pipes accounts for a significant amount of our work. in some cases, water pipes will not simply burst, but rather slowly leak for long periods of time causing mold, structural damage and just unhealthy living environments.

Sub-grade water intrusion

Santa Clarita Water Damage
Santa Clarita isn’t like many of the older cities in Los Angeles which have basements. Westwood, Los Angeles city, Burbank just to name a few, possess basements. Although these basements aren’t like the ones you see isn the movies, they are more like glorified crawlspaces. Which is not to suggest there are no full size basements out here, they’re just rare.

Crawlspaces and basements are essentially areas under the house which allow a home owner to freely move about. Sometimes these basements are finished and sometimes they are just dirt and wood framing. Nevertheless, water still seems to enter these areas no matter what you call them or what they are used for. In my experience as a Contractor performing building or home inspections in Santa Clarita, I can’t recall seeing but only a few homes with these basements. That said, as a home inspector Santa Clarita water damage isn’t anything new when we’re talking about sub-grade issues.

Sub-grade water intrusion is a huge issue

Sub-grade water intrusion even in Santa Clarita is a huge issue and not one that is easily remedied. As a matter of fact, as water intrusion specialists, our work derives from much of Los Angeles where these sub-grade rooms are not only in large quantity, but used as living areas. Its these areas where we see the water intrusion into the roof through masonry block walls.

In Santa Clarita however, the sub-grade water intrusion issues are typically related to water entering a crawlspace and flooding it. Regardless if the areas is used for habitation, storage or nothing at all, water entering under your house is not something you want. Furthermore, Santa Clarita water damage restoration companies often pass on these types of clean up projects. Mostly due to the complexity of the cause. Sure, water damage restoration companies in Santa Clarita might be able to clean it up, but without actually addressing the cause, it’s sure to happen yet again.

Santa Clarita Water Damage caused by window leaks

Santa Clarita Water Damage
Fenestration. What does that word even mean? Well, for many it doest mean a thing. But as a water testing company, its a word we are all too familiar with. As a matter of fact, we deal with fenestration products every day. Essentially, the word means openings. Openings such as windows, doors, skylights or even curtain walls. Our company Mazza Testing tests windows for leaks weekly.  Believe it or not, testing windows is performed in accordance with multiple different standardized tests.

Not just a water-hose test, our testing of windows incorporates the use of calibrated testing equipment. Our testing equipment is calibrated on a regular basis because some tests require this. For Santa Clarita home owners, rarely do we perform tests like the AAMA 502 which is a test for new window installations.

On the other hand, typically, with Santa Clarita water damage related to windows, the test for this is the AAMA 511-08 or even the ASTM 2128 tests. These tests are forensic tests which may incorporate destructive damage to the home to locate the leak source. These tests are typically used for determining the location of leaks caused by windows, roofs or walls. Santa Clarita water damage restoration related to window leaks must first address the leak itself. in some cases with windows leaks, another contractor is brought in to repair the leaking fenestration product. Repairs are conducted according to the newest building codes.

Water testing shower pans

Santa Clarita Water Damage
Believe it or not, shower pan leaks and water related damage from shower pan leaks in Santa Clarita is more common than you might think. Testing shower pans for water leaks, is more of an art than it is science. We perform two different tests for receptors aka shower pans. 

Raise your hand if you’re ever been sitting in your living room only to have water drip from a light fixture. We see this all the time. Shower pans can be constructed with multiple different shower pan waterproofing methods in many different materials. Of these methods hot mopping with tar, seems to be the oldest method and still widely used to this day.

Other waterproofing systems include vinyl liners. Examples of these are Red-guard or Oatey vinyl liner systems. Systems such as these require the use of a vinyl liner installed in the bottom of the shower enclosure. The use of prefabricated corners and drains makes the installation so easy, even an amateur can install one.

Shower pan leaks and water related damage

  • Flood test in accordance with ASTM 5957
  • Stopper test
  • Ballon test or inflatable test plug test (city test)

As a professional water intrusion expert, Santa Clarita water Damage is our thing. We possess the knowledge and know-how to locate shower pan leaks. Moreover, we can properly diagnose, prescribe testing protocol and initiate testing methods to otherwise locate and source water intrusion. On the other hand, Santa Clarita water damage restoration is something you may require when shower pan testing is not necessary.

ASTM 5957 Water test

Whenever we perform water tests they are all performed to a standard. For example, the ASTM 5957 test is a uniform test that can be performed by any water intrusion testing expert here in Los Angeles. This water intrusion test requires water to sit within a receptor for no less than 24 hours and up to 72 hours.

Drain stopper test

The drain stopper test os essentially a short, quick-n-dirty shower pan test. We use a shop-made stopper and set it onto the drain of the shower pan. The water will then fill to the top and then overflow into the center drain cut out, preventing the pan from becoming too full and overflowing. IF the pan has issues, water will enter into these cracks where we can then locate the leak source.

City test

This test is performed by all city municipalities to test the water-tightness of a shower pan. Depending on the city, the contractor will leave an inflatable test plug within the drain, below the drains weep holes. The plug is left there for 24-48 hours.  In most cases, the test plug is left there for the city inspector to pull or otherwise view upon his visit to the job site.

Local deck leaks here in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Water Damage
Walk-on decks much like roofs and shower pans are manufactured to resist water penetration. I know… duh. With decks, waterproofing is the make or break component protecting the home owner. Professional waterproofing contractors perform this task with a wide verity of waterproofing products at their fingertips. As water intrusion experts, we investigate Santa Clarita water damage which is directly associated with deck leaks.

With deck waterproofing systems, there are a wide verity of systems which can be applied with excellent results.

Some systems are made for the DIYer and can be purchased at a local big-box store. Others are only available in you’re a contractor. These systems are installed by professional in multiple stages in controlled environments.  Not only will a decks surface have to resist water but UV rays as well. UV rays are capable of breaking down the surface waterproofing so the waterproofing material must be tough. 

In some cases, the contractor will opt to install an alternative substrate over the deck waterproofing such as tile. For these installations, improperly prepared surfaces are sure to leak with time.

One of the biggest contributing factors to deck leaks is in my opinion, is the slope. Or the lack thereof. Decks without proper slope will allow water to sit or otherwise pond on its surface. Slowly breaking down the decks surface water proofing material. It’s only a matter of time before the water penetrates the surface layer.

Thermography Infrared Inspection Santa Clarita

thermographs santa clarita thermal imaging
The use of an infrared camera during home inspection has gained much popularity in the last decade. As a Level III thermographer myself, I’d have to say never ever perform an inspection of any kind where water involved. Personally, I’ve performed over 15,000 home inspections and id have to say, when it comes to water intrusion or leaks, you never know what to expect.

Things people aren’t aware of with the use of an infrared camera during a home inspection in Santa Clarita

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