Mazza Inspections is the only choice for Santa Clarita home inspection

Five reasons Mazza Home Inspections in the only choice for Santa Clarita home inspection

Santa Clarita Home Inspectors

There are a lot of home inspectors located throughout the San Fernando valley and Santa Clarita Valleys. The trend among the majority of home inspectors is to go on line and take an 8 hour course and get a certification in Home Inspection. Many of which do not possess any genuine construction qualifications or have never actually held a hammer. Not good for home buyers.

Pander Free Zonesanta clarita home insepctors

After completing this “certification” course, these same inspectors will, in attempt to jumpstart their business hit the pavement in search of any realtor who will give them the time of day, and add them to the realtors list. We, on the other hand, are not on ANY realtor lists. And do you know why? Easy, we don’t pander to them. Nor will Mazza ever rubber stamp a home. We are thorough and we don’t play real estate (agent) games.

What you need to understand is that California does not possess any formal certification or licensing of any kind for those who wish to conduct home inspections. ANYONE can be a home inspector.inspector missess

Here are five reasons why Marc Mazza Home Inspections in Santa Clarita is your only clear choice for your home inspection.

Marc Mazza home inspections is a genuine California and Arizona General contractor, swimming pool repair contractor, fireplace contractor, fireplace inspector, Level 3 thermographer and has performed well over 15,000 home inspections.

  1. We take our time. that’s correct, we take as long as it takes to do your inspection. These other guys will cram 2-3 inspections in a single day.
  2. PANDER FREE ZONE: We get ZERO business from realtors. Marc Mazza does not pander. We work for the home buyer only and do not pander to realtors in order to get on their “referral list”.
  3. We are contractors. Who else is more qualified to do Home Inspections in Santa Clarita than a General Contractor? We own and operate a successful construction company local, here in Santa Clarita.
  4. Marc Mazza home inspections only performs ONLY 2-3 inspections a week. We perform home inspections in order to protect those who want more than the basic 45 minute inspection. These types of inspections yield very little in the way of substance. Much like the type of inspection you will find with the “certified inspection companies”.
  5. We do this for fun. That’s correct, we perform Home inspection in Santa Clarita because we love to. we also do them as a way to give something back. We understand that there are very few inspection companies who would risk telling it like it is. As a result, we make time weekly to perform at least 2 inspections sometimes three Home Inspections throughout Los Angeles.

mazza inspections santa claritaNot only is Mazza Inspections a veteran home inspection company of home inspectors in Santa Clarita. What makes us beneficial to home buyers is that we work in the building codes every single day. In contrast, most “Certified Home inspectors in Santa Clarita” will not reference building code. Despite the fact Marc Mazza Home Inspections performs a limited number of home inspections in Santa Clarita, we are very affordable.