Porter Ranch Home Inspectors

You may not believe it but home inspectors in California do not require any formal training, certification or licensing.  Coupled with the fact that there are also zero minimum experience required to work as a home inspector in Porter Ranch or anywhere else in Los Angeles. The fact is home inspection is easy money. So much so that people who wish not to work as labors, handy men flock to become home inspectors. In turn, this floods the market with Certified individuals who may or may not possess any real contracting experience.

Do Porter Ranch Home Inspectors work for you?

Real estate agents control the home inspection industry. Of course you read that correctly. First thing to remember is that with every escrow there are agents. With these agents at the helm, they will at some point “suggest” by way of a list that you use one of their 3 guys. In other words, the individuals on this list get spoon fed business and if they wish to remain on these lists, they must not do the following for fear of banishment. In essence, do these individuals really work for you, or the realtor?

  • Never scare the buyers
  • Do not find too much
  • He cant take too long and must be “affordable”

How much do Do Porter Ranch home inspectors charge?

Mostly, the fees are based on time spent at the home as well as the report. In fact, the majority of home inspectors will not charge much more than their competitors on the same list. Generally speaking, a 1500 square foot home should cost you anywhere from $400 to $600. Of course, historically, the more expensive the inspection the more inspection you will get by way of experience and time spent.

How does hiring Porter Ranch Home inspectors benefit you?

Benefits are a-plenty should you hire a contractor with years of inspection experience. As previously stated, certified inspectors offer little in the way of genuine  construction experience.  The less they know the less you get. Likewise, the less an inspector knows by way of experience, the less they will thus find.

Porter Ranch home Inspectors just make you happier

Home inspectors in Porter Ranch that are true seasoned professionals with a real construction background will greatly benefit you in the long run. Granted, this is true only when you choose a genuinely qualified individual. As a matter of fact, the better this process plays itself out, to the extent that the inspector is thorough and spends enough time, the end result should be a happy home buyer.