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Picky or Detailed Home Inspectors

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MIG is known for having picky or detailed home inspectors.

What would you think if your realtor gave you a list of inspectors and said, “Let me warn you about that inspector. He is too picky.” What would you think? You probably would have that inspector at the top of your list. You might think to yourself, “Hmm…isn’t that an inspector’s job? Isn’t that what I am paying him/her for? Shouldn’t I know as much as possible about the home or investment that I am purchasing, even if the defects are minor?”

We are as thorough as intrusive as any inspection company can get but the purpose is not to scare the buyer, it is to inform the buyer. We know that more times than not, the buyer is going to purchase the home despite the inspection because they love the floor plan, the yard, the architecture, or the neighborhood and unless the house is going to collapse, they will budget future repairs based on the inspection report. Other buyers may be a little bit more concerned about costs to bring a home up to their standards or to replace a defective component, but isn’t that a buyer’s prerogative? Isn’t that why you are compelled to have an inspection? So that you can make a decision based on knowledge and experience and on your wants and needs as a buyer? That is what you are paying for.

We often wonder what would cause a realtor to complain about an inspector that is knowledgeable and helps to completely inform their buyer of the complete condition of the home. Unfortunately, most buyers won’t know that their realtor feels that way because it would be a direct reflection for their concern for a quick and easy transaction rather than the best interests of their clients.

It is very distressing for us to lose business and clients due to a realtor’s list that does not have the best possible choices on their preferred inspector list. It is also disheartening to know that many buyers will move in and find defects that should have been noted but were not due to lack of knowledge, experience and technology.

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