Oak Park Home Inspector without the Nonsense

Buying a home in Oak Park, or anywhere else, is a huge investment of time and effort. You shouldn’t need to deal with nonsense when it comes to the home inspection. Yet, nonsense is often what you get. It’s not your fault. It’s because California lets almost anyone be a home inspector without requiring construction experience. You can skip the nonsense by choosing Mazza Inspections.

What’s Makes Us No Nonsense?

There’s nothing like long days on a construction site to burn the nonsense right out of a person. We’ve spent years of long days learning on those sites. In fact, we’ve spent so much time learning that we’re:

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographer
  • Pool repair contractor

We apply all that experience to our inspections.

Buyer Protection Before All Else

Buyer protection is the entire point of a home inspection. It’s relatively easy to make a place look nice. It’s something else entirely to make sure a house actually is nice. A good home inspection should tell you if that Oak Park house looks nice or actually is nice. Our inspections will always tell you which it is.

Why the Higher Cost?

The typical home inspection fee is based on spending no more than about 45 minutes in any given house. Then, the inspector is off to the next house. Our fee is based on the expectation that we’ll spend double that amount of time. As you might expect, we usually find a lot more.

Recommended Inspectors Look Out for the Wrong Person

Inspectors ought to be looking out for you. You’re the one about to sink a big chunk of money into a property. Instead, they look out for the real estate agents who send them work. They soften the problems they find and hide the serious ones deep in the report.

How’s Our Track Record

We think a look at our reviews will answer that question best. Head over to Yelp for a look.

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When looking for a home inspector make sure you use a general contractor.
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