Northridge Home Inspectors

Northridge Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen. Make sure you choose a company who puts your interest first. Lets face it, the purchase of a home is a huge investment. With that in mind you will want to choose a company who places your interest first. Before the realtors and before anything else.

Stay away from a realtors list

Never ever use a home inspector from a realtors list. The companies which occupy these lists are more than likely in collusion with the realtors in some way. Find your own inspector from places like Google or Yelp. Choose wisely and never base your Northridge Home Inspectors on price only.

Are certified Northridge Home Inspectors okay?

For the most part, the quick answer is absolutely not.  In the first place, California has no standards for home inspectors. therefore you never know what or who you’re “really” getting. Many of these inspectors make themselves appear to be top notch on line. in reality however, most of which may only be “certified“. While certification is okay to have, it should never be ones only source of education. Moreover, it should never be the only qualification a home inspector possess.  How to choose an inspector?

  • Use a General Contractor Only
  • Make sure then have more than 5000 inspections
  • Make sure they have insurance

How Much are Home inspections in Northridge

The costs of a home inspection in Northridge varies greatly. reasons for this are many but you’ll soon find that the price is generally dictated by square footage and the age of a home. Many good home inspectors in Northridge will typically be more expensive than those who are merely “certified home inspectors in Northridge“. We find that the home inspection is a place where you never want to “cheap out”. Expect to pay at least $500 for you home inspection.

What are the benefits of using a General contractor?

By and large, General contractors possess real life quantifiable work experience. This is to say the Northridge Home Inspectors passed a state proctored test. in contrast, the certification process can easily be accomplished on line or in a classroom in less than a few hours. in other words, a certified inspector can have zero experience, take an on line test, then inspect your home in less than 72 hours.

Choosing the right inspector will make you happy

Choosing the right Northridge Home Inspectors for your home purchase will make you happy. Especially if the inspector is a General contractor and not on any realtor list. In other words, having an inspector who is thorough will save you money in the long run, which willalso make you happy.