Newhall Ranch Home Inspectors

Ever wonder how someone becomes a Newhall Ranch home inspector? As it turns out, it’s too easy. Shell out for one week of classes, take a test, and that’s it. No pesky requirements that they work for or as a contractor. Of course, that means you get a pretty average home inspection. They look for what the problems covered in class and that’s it. Mazza Inspections believes that the inspection should be a lot more thorough.

Why Are We More Thorough?

We’re thorough because we know more than what you can learn in a one-week class. We’ve accumulated decades of combined experience as:

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

All of that knowledge gets brought to bear during a Mazza inspection of your Newhall Ranch home.

We Don’t Do BS

There is a frightening amount of BS in home inspections. Why? Realtors want to sell homes at all costs. That means they only give you referrals to home inspectors that work according to their rules. What rules? The ones that say home inspections shouldn’t say things that send a deal down the drain. That gets you inspection reports filled with BS. We don’t do BS. We report on the reality. If there’s a big, expensive problem with a house, you’ll know before you commit to a mortgage.

We Cost More because Thorough Work Takes Longer

How much longer? It takes us about twice as long as other inspectors. The upshot is that your inspection report will be about twice as thorough and profoundly more reliable.

Recommended Inspectors Cater to Realtors

It’s a sad truth that inspectors get most of their income from realtor referrals. It’s a classic case of not biting the hand that feeds you. Inspectors follow the rules because they need all those future inspection jobs.

Does this Work Out for Customers?

It certainly seems to work out, going by the customer reviews.