New Construction Home Inspection


New construction

We’ve inspected within many if not all of the newly constructed housing tracks within the various communities throughout the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley.  Some builders are better than others and the builder is only as good as their sub contractors and the superintendent overlooking the progression of the various building stages while staying on top of the subs and ensuring quality control is their number one priority. As General Contractors having actually built structures, we understand the steps of the construction process as well as the task of managing sub contractors who are the ones ultimately responsible for building your new house.

Everyday is a Friday in construction

It seems that in new construction, and judging by what we come across, every day is a Friday for some of the workers. Its absolutely amazing some of the things we see in new home construction. From beer cans and trash throughout the attic and sewer lines to disconnected fireplace vents or fireplace vents that never even reached the roof, the list is endless.

You can’t find it if you don’t know where to look

For us, a lot goes into our new construction inspection. Its not just about opening and closing doors or windows, turning on lights, running water or pushing a plug tester into a socket because really, anybody can do that. As the codes change so do the systems and the more Title 24 standards which are implemented, the newer more advanced and efficient the mechanical systems become, the more homework we must do. As inspectors we must be familiar with the newest building standards and codes to properly inspect these buildings. We must use infrared technology to locate potential plumbing leaks and points of air infiltration.


newnomeIf you are shopping us, make sure the “other guys” inspect to the newest code and use infrared properly and are at least a level III operator.  BTW…, new home construction inspections are not an “easier” inspection as many home inspectors think. From their prospective, they are a “walk in the park” but trust me, they are all far from that.

We have a few options

  • Traditional inspection
  • 5 Point inspection  This inspection focuses on only the 5 major components of a building, roof, structural, HVAC, electrical and plumbing.
  • BLUE TAPE INSPECTION. This inspection takes a great deal of time but with this inspection we will methodically evaluate the superficial condition of all finishes and apply blue tape on any imperfections or damage for you. This will allow the builder to add these conditions to their punch or pre punch list.

Where do we get our business?

Internet (Google, Yelp etc...75%)
Referrals (friends family24%)
Real Estate Agents1%

3.5 things

*This fee is a starting point. Many factors affect the final price such as time spent at the property due to it’s age, size, additional features, foundation, pool etc…

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