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​First of all, all inspectors are not created equal. The state of California does not require any home inspector to possess any license or certification. So when you’re thumbing through the proverbial yellow pages (internet) and see all the guys who are “certified” or “licensed”… it means absolutely noting.

​Not all Moorpark home inspectors are the same​

Santa Clarita Home inspectionAs a result, the home buyer runs the risk of hiring a guy who may have been just a taxi cab driver two days ago. My advice to you? hire an inspector who you can verify and validate their GENUINE CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE. And how do you do that? Easy, make sure the inspectors you are choosing between are California State Licensed General Contractors. Easy right?

Because there are no minimum requirements, ou have to keep in mind that with a general contractors license, one must take and pass a test sponsored by the State of California. Additionally, the person taking the test must “prove” that they have real genuine building experience.
​Mazza Inspection Group is less of a home inspection company and more of a company made of specialists. Mazza inspection group provides specialized inspection services such as Chimney inspections, roof inspections, swimming pool inspections, sewer inspections and Level 3 thermography.

Swimming pool inspections Moorpark

mazza swimming pool inspections los angelesMazza swimming pool inspection company provides swimming pool inspections in Moorpark. Mazza pool inspections is a swimming pool repair contractor. Our inspections are a thorough evaluation of the swimming pool systems. We feel it prudent to inform the buyer, you, that  our inspections are much more thorough that what you would receive from your basic home inspector.

Our swimming pool inspections tend to take up to 1-2 hours, not the 15-20 minutes you’d expect from your home inspector.

Additionally, our inspections include a written estimate contain the costs of repairs to remedy any significant issues documented.

​We are Fireplace contractors and F.I.R.E. certified Chimney inspectors

Mazza inspection group performs chimney inspections. Probably the most relevant, is that we are certified F.I.R.E. chimney inspections.​ We are also California fireplace contractors. Our specialty is in Rampart General Pre cast fireplace inspections.

In addition, these are chimney systems which possess many issues which have the potential to render them useless.

Misconception about Moorpark home inspectors?​

​Another misconception the public has with Moorpark home inspectors is that all home inspectors are the same, know the same and do the same. This could be furthermost from the truth. One thing that you should keep in mind is that inspectors with Genuine construction experience and with more than 5,000 paid home inspections hence are likely the best choice.

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