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When you’re getting ready to buy a house, you want everything to go well. Part of that is hiring someone for a house inspection. With certified house inspectors dotting the landscape, getting a solid home inspection seems like a foregone conclusion. Sadly, a certified home inspector can get the job by taking a week-long class. No background in construction required. Mazza Inspections offer you something better.

Construction Background

We bring years of construction experience to our home inspections. In fact, we operate as licensed general contractors. That gives us the solid foundation needed for a solid home inspection report. On top of general contracting, we’re also;

  • General contractors
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

Close Escrow?

Realtors always want to rush you through the escrow. The sooner you get through escrow, the sooner they get paid. We aren’t interested in closing your deal. We’re interested in helping you make an informed decision. We don’t sugarcoat things just so you’ll move forward with a house purchase.

What’s with the Higher Price?

Since typical certified inspectors lack our experience, they can blow through a smaller home inspection in 40 minutes or so. We know better. Our inspection can run three times or more as long or more than your typical inspection. We look at a lot more things and that makes our reports much more thorough. The higher price helps us cover our time and secures you a better report.

Avoid Recommended Inspectors

One of the first things a realtor does when you get serious about a house is give you a list of recommended inspectors. Toss that list. Those inspectors get too much work from realtors. They can’t be objective because they can’t alienate their meal tickets. Our customers find us on their own, so we can be completely objective.

Does Our Approach Satisfy?

Based on the reviews here, we’re thinking it does.

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