Get a High-End Malibu Home Inspections

Not all home inspections rise to the same level. California doesn’t demand professional contracting experience in home inspectors. That means your inspector might very well have never even held a hammer before. You can’t expect high-end results from that kind of inspector. Mazza Inspections offer the high-end inspections a Malibu home requires.

What Makes Us High-End?

Experience. It’s what we specialize in. We are professional general contractors with decades of experience. Our experience also extends to:

  • General Contractor
  • Swimming Pool Repair Contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographer

Your home inspection won’t be our first inspection, either. We’ve conducted in excess of 15,000 home inspections. We inspect with care and most of all… empathy.

Closing the Escrow Isn’t On Our Radar

Malibu homes sell for so much that realtors are desperate to get them to the end of the escrow. They’ve got a big paycheck waiting as soon as the property closes. Our business is your protection. A Malibu home can have serious problems just like any other. We’re not going to hide that from you in a bid for a big payday by gaining your realtors referrals. We just don’t care.

Why The Price Difference?

Your average inspector comes cheaper than we do. Then again, your average inspector doesn’t know what we do, let alone inspect what we do. With this in mind, we inspect twice as much as typical inspectors. That’s why we’re the gold standard.

Why Not Use the Realtor Recommended Inspectors

Realtors control the flow of business for a lot of inspectors. Imagine if one of their chosen inspectors tanked a $25 million dollar house sale by accurately reporting problems. That inspector would never get another referral. The inspectors that realtors refer must help sell the house or risk their livelihoods via realtor referrals. We don’t seek or receive realtor referrals, so we can report the fact without that fear.

Do Customers Like Our Work?

We can’t read their minds, but so far our customers are overwhelmingly pleased with our performance. Take a look here.