Los Angeles Home Inspections You Can Trust

In a lot of places, home inspectors need experience in the construction industry. After all, how else could they know when something is a problem? Not so in California. Here, you can call yourself a home inspector with nothing but one class under your belt. Doesn’t inspire much trust does it? Mazza Inspections has the experience to give you a Los Angeles home inspection you can trust.

What Separates Us?

Our background is in general contracting. We put in the time to learn the material, master the skills, and get licensed. We didn’t stop there. We also perform:

  • General Contractor
  • Swimming Pool Repair Contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographer

We don’t guess about problems or gloss over things that weren’t covered in the class. We know what we’re looking at and when it’s an issue.

We Aren’t Focused on Getting the escrow closed

Almost everyone else involved is less worried about protecting you than getting things to the. End of the escrow. Our only job is making sure you get all the information you need to make a good buying decision. Sometimes the choices are clear. Sometimes it’s walking away from that particular Los Angeles house.

Why Do Other Inspectors Charge Less?

Why are Kia’s less than a Mercedes? It’s easy to charge less when your inspection covers half the ground. When you’re there less, you find less. Likewise when you know less you find less. We put in the time so you walk away with a trustworthy report you use to make the right choice.

Take Realtor Inspector Recommendations With a Grain of Salt

No one goes into real estate to not make money. Realtors want to move houses and get their slice of the escrow. The best way to do that is to get you to use a safe inspector. A safe inspector is one who doesn’t rock the boat by telling home buyers that there are big problems with a house.

How Do Our Customers React?

If lots of 5-star reviews mean anything, they’re happy. Read the reviews here.