Free home inspection checklist


Free DIY Home Inspection Checklist


INTERIOR   (room) ____________
  •  DIY Tips: 
  1. We suggest printing this section as many times as necessary to accommodate the number of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms etc… at your property.
  2. In many cases with an occupied property, much of the area within the house is blocked by the occupants belongings. There really isn’t much you or any inspector can do about this as many inspectors including yourself are not suggested to move the occupants belongings without permission.


  • Switches are verified and functional
  • Unable to verify switch operation (location: __________________________________________)
  • Damaged switches observe (location: __________________________________________)
  • Upside-down switches observed (location: __________________________________________)
  • The receptacles are functional
  • Non operational plugs (location: _________________________________)
  • Scorched plugs (location: ___________________________________)  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • Cracked plugs (location: ___________________________________)  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • There are receptacles which are not switched (1/2 hot required when there are no lights)   (location: __________________________________________)
  • AFCI receptacles still “ON” when breaker tripped where applicable  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • GFCI receptacles needed / required  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • GFCI receptacles defective  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • Ceiling lights are functional
  • Non operational lights / light bulbs
  • Ceiling lights with missing / damaged globes
  • Added recessed light fixtures  (DIY TIP: Check for permits)
  • Loose recessed light fixtures
Wiring / Conduit
  • Open junction boxes / exposed wires  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • Electrical conduit installed and is not secured
  • Exposed non metallic wiring AKA romex  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
Ceiling Fan
  • Ceiling fan is functional
  • Non operational ceiling fan
  • Fan wobbles
  • Ceiling fan is not hard wired
  • Missing fan blades
Ceiling Fan Lights
  • Lights are functional
  • Light bulbs non operational
  • Missing glass globes

Interior Doors

Doors Interior
  • Functional doors
  • Damaged doors  (location: __________________________________________)
  • Unpainted doors (location: __________________________________________)
  • Interior doors are non operational (location: __________________________________________)
  • Door rubs frame / floor
  • The interior door binds
Interior Door Hardware 
  • Hardware is functional
  • Double key deadbolts observed ___________________  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • Hardware is damaged / worn
  • Door hardware is non operational
  • Interior door hardware is loose
  • Hinges are loose

Exterior Doors

Sliding Glass Doors
  •  Doors are functional
  • Difficult to slide
  • Sliding glass door sill deteriorated
  • Glass doors are cracked
  • The glass in door is fogged (condensation in pane)
  • Door hardware will not lock
  • Hardware missing
  • Loose hardware
Sliding Glass Door Screen
  • The Screen door is Okay
  • Screen door is missing
  • The screen door is damaged
  • Non operational screen door 
  • Hardware is worn / non operational
French Doors
  • Doors are functional
  • French doors are difficult to slide / open
  • Wood sill deteriorated
  • Double key deadbolts observed ___________________  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  • French doors are cracked
  • Glass in French doors are fogged (condensation in pane)
  • Hardware will not lock
  • Door hardware missing
  • Loose hardware
  • Stationary door is non function
Man Door To Exterior
Door Observations
  • The Man door is functional
  • Damaged door
  • Unpainted wood
  • Non operational door
  • Rubs frame / floor
  • Binding noted
  • Glass in the door is cracked / inoperative 
Screen Door
  • The Screen door is Okay
  • Screen door is missing
  • Door is damaged
  • Non operational screen door
  • Hardware is worn



Window Observations
  • The windows tested were functional
  • There are cracked windows   (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate) 
  • Inoperable windows
  • Damaged sash balancers / cords
  • Window frames cracked
  • Leaking windows observed
  • Windows were difficult to operate 
  • Inner rubber seal is loose
  • Double pane glass is fogged / seal damaged
Window Screens
  • The window screens were collectively okay
  • Worn / damaged screens noted
  • Missing screens noted
Window Hardware
  • The window hardware is functional
  • Missing window hardware observed
  • Worn window hardware observed
  • There is missing window hardware
Window Weatherstripping
  • The window weatherstripping is functional 
  • There is missing weatherstripping
  • Window weatherstripping is suggested


Materials:       TILE      CARPET      WOOD       LAMINATE       OTHER: ____________________

  • The interior flooring is okay
  • The interior flooring is worn in excess / moderately 
  • Loose carpet observed
  • Cracked floor tile observed  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate) 
  • Hollow floor tile noted
  • Floor tile grout missing
  • The interior flooring is installed in amateurish manner
  • There is interior flooring which is missing
  • Flooring water damaged  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Wood flooring is buckled
  • Open gaps in wood flooring
  • Vinyl flooring is in need of sealant
  • Loose vinyl flooring
  • Seal vinyl flooring connection to the bathtub
  • Damaged vinyl flooring
  • Stained vinyl flooring
  • The interior walls were in generally good condition
  • Holes were observed within interior walls
  • Stains were observed in interior walls  (*DIY TIP: Ask sellers of any knowledge of previous damage)
  • Mold was observed  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Cracks noted in the walls (1/8”  1/4”  1/2”)  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Moisture damaged wall covering noted  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • The ceilings were functional 
  • There were stains in the interior ceilings   (*DIY TIP: Ask sellers of any knowledge of previous damage)
  • Popcorn ceiling materials  (*DIY TIP: This material has been known to contain Asbestos – testing is suggested)
  • Prior repairs noted  (*DIY TIP: Ask sellers of any knowledge of previous damage)
  • Holes in ceilings noted
  • Cracks observed in the ceilings (1/8”  1/4”  1/2”)  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)


Windows and Doors
  •  All conditions listed below (if checked) require an additional inspection by a professional of this trade
  •  All conditions are considered a hazard if checked
  • One door for entry and exit
  • There are window sills are higher than 44” from the floor
  • Basement does not have any operable windows or doors that leads to the exterior
  • Window in the basement does not allow for safe exit to the exterior of the building
  • The window well in the basement does not possess a ladder
Interior Bar
  • The bar faucet, sink and plumbing was functional
  • Bar faucet was non functional  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Faucet hot / cold water is non functional  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Plumbing leaks  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Drain trap is an “S” trap
  • Cabinet(s) is/are functional
  • Damaged cabinets
  • The cabinet is not secured to the wall
  • Doors are loose / need adjustment
  • There are missing doors at the cabinet
  • The skylight appear functional
  • The skylight is cracked  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Stains were observed under the skylight  (*DIY TIP: Ask sellers of any knowledge of previous damage)  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)

Our Free Interior DIY Home Inspection Checklist

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