Anyone can be a home inspector in California.

Things to avoid looking for an inspector

  • An inspector who is Internet or classroom “certified” because experience is un-provable
  • An inspector with less than 10,000 paid inspections
  • An inspector who does more than 1 inspection a day
  • An inspector who uses a checklist report template
  • An inspector who is not insured
  • An inspector who will not let you follow him
  • An inspector who does not use infrared
  • An inspector who is the cheapest
  • An inspector with more than 25% of his business from realtor referrals
Couple quick facts about MAZZA
  • We choose to only perform 2-3 inspections per week
  • We are in the business of protection. Period.
  • We are not a bargain inspection company
  • We do everything we can… to find everything we can
  • We get 0% business from realtors…
  • ZERO collision risk with MAZZA

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    * CONDO IS NOT A PUD - Condos will have a unit above and / or below *SFR - Single Family Residence