Home Inspectors Near Me in Santa Clarita

Home Inspectors Near Me in Santa Clarita

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Home Inspectors Near Me | Santa Clarita | Valencia | Newhall | Canyon Country

The Home inspection industry is a complete joke!

In case you’re one of the many, searching for a “Good home inspector near me, thorough home inspectors near me, meticulous home inspectors near me, or certified home inspectors near me”, well, unfortunately the Pickens are pretty slim here in Santa Clarita. That is, for all of those things in one single person.

Look, I’m just being honest. I know this business and have a pretty good handle as to what home buyers need, or should I say, expect from their local home inspector. The problem I see is that there is too much room for collision in this business. We’ll get to that in a minute.

In order for Santa Clarita home inspectors to succeed in this business, they all need to sell themselves (to realtors) as non threatening to the “deal”. Coincidentally, which is also your “deal”. Albeit, for may home buyers, they have no problem with this. Others however still see this as a farce, a sham… a joke.

The days of protecting buyers first… are long gone

Long gone are the days when home inspection in Santa Clarita was more about protecting the people than it was about making big money. The home inspection industry is a billon dollar a year business. After all, with no formal minimum educational or licensing requirements here in Santa Clarita, its basically a free-for-all for anyone wanting to be a home inspector.

The lack of licensing essentially opens the door to just about anyone who ever he’d a hammer, and wants a piece of the home inspection pie. Despite the lack of official licensing, unbeknownst to many home buyers, they can easily end up using unqualified individuals.

After searching “Home Inspectors Near Me in Santa Clarita”, the average home buyer might get the impression that all home inspectors do the same… know the same.. are the same. Truth is, this is simply not the case. As a matter of fact, it’s not even close. So who suffers? Well, ultimately it’s you the home buyer. That is.. you’ll only notice this once you move in.

Common misconceptions buyers have about home inspectors

  1. They ‘re all construction gurus
  2. All inspectors work for at home buyers first… before the “deal”
  3. Home inspectors take their time
  4. They all know the same… do the same… are the same

The reality behind home inspection (that you probably weren’t aware of)

  1. Its controlled by realtors
  2. Realtors want “fast inspectors” over thorough
  3. The cheaper the better
  4. Can’t be a superstar inspector or worse… a specialist

Which brings me to the next point… NEVER use a certified home inspector…ever.MAZZA

4 things Santa Clarita home inspectors are afraid of


Let’s face it… I know for many of you buying a home it’s a daunting experience. However, choosing the home inspector is in my opinion the most important part of the buying process. Items and issues found during a home inspection can literally make or break a deal. This is likely where we get the phrase “deal killer” from the realtors. Many times we’ve discovered issues which were totally unexpected, and significant. Buyers armed with such information are in a better position not make “good” decisions regarding whether or not the purchase is the right one or not.

Hiring a person who best fits your needs and requirements is not easy. Especially in the sea of internet advertised companies, they pretty much all look the same. There are a few criteria, however, you can set for yourself to find that needle in a haystack of needles. In fact, here’s 9 good questions to ask your inspector when interviewing them.

9 great questions to ask your inspector when interviewing them


Ask how many inspections they have performed.

Reason being, the more inspections an inspector does the better they become at their job. The more inspections performed, the more problems, situations, conditions, material defects the inspector has been exposed to. Thus, inspectors who have been around a while, conducts thousands of house inspections have seen a lot. Well, much more than a guy who is fresh out of the certification school.

How many years has the inspector been in business?

Due to the rise in housing sales, there seems to be a flood of individuals looking to make the big bucks in home inspection. Unfortunately this one is easy to fake. I can tell you I’ve been an inspector for 30 years, without any formal State licensing how would you prove this otherwise? Seasoned inspectors will typically be more selective of the number of houses and clients they choose each week. Contrasted by the guy who will feverishly and blindly book everything that comes across his desk.

Furthermore, the professionals fees will generally be a little higher than the guy looking to make tons of cash by doing 2-3 inspections a day.

Where does the inspector get the majority of his business?

Be careful of hiring a home inspector who gets the majority of their business from a single place, such as realtor referrals. If a Santa Clarita home inspector gets more than 10% of their business from agents, investors, lenders etc… stay away. Trust me.

What type of experience should I look for when hiring a home inspector?

For starters, all home inspectors are not created equal. That is to say, like everything, there are those who know construction intimately, and there are those who learn about it in a classroom or on the internet. For home buyers, it’ll be difficult to prove genuine experience without a license such as a contractors license for example. (Especially since here in Santa Clarita, there are no minimum requirements or qualifications to work as a home inspector).

So really, anyone can be a home inspector. Even you. Always make sure the home inspector you choose is a licensed General Contractor, engineer or architect.

Are home inspectors required to be bonded and insured?

California contractors are required to possess a valid license and bond. In contrast, and because there are no minimum requirements for California home inspectors, there are thus no requirements for being bonded as a home inspector.

What do you look for during the home inspection?

In a word… everything. Home inspectors look at countess thousands of items during the course of a home inspection. Contrary to what some inspectors say, the longer the inspection takes, the more an inspector will discover. Additionally, the more educated the inspector is in construction, the more he will find. Look for an inspector with empathy. It’s hard for a person who truly cares for anothers circumstance to perform shoddy work. Although possible, still not very likely.

How much will the home inspection cost?

How much will it cost you if you choose the wrong person? The cost of a home inspection in Santa Clarita for a typical 1500 sq ft house is around $275. Other inspectors such as specialists, like myself, charge almost double. In this business there is one truth.. either way no matter who you choose, you will get what you pay for.

Ask for a copy of their report

More important than what many may think, the home inspection report is ultimately the thing you’re paying for. A home inspection report that is chock full of disclosure i.e., “we don’t look at this or that, we couldn’t inspect this or that” is just worthless. Moreover, the inspector who writes reports like these is not confident in his ability to perform over-the-top thorough inspections.

Otherwise, they would hide behind their standards of practice or disclosures which seem to riddle the entire report. A home inspection report should be as thorough as the inspection itself. As a matter of fact, the longer the report the more thorough and thus the more helpful it will be for you, trust me.

Will you use thermography during my home inspection?

Infrared thermography is somewhat new to the home inspection industry. On the other hand, we’ve been using it for over 15 years. DO NOT USE A HOME INSPECTOR WHO DOE NOT USE INFRARED. Also, do not use an inspector who is not at least a level 2 thermographer.

Thermography is a science. The more educated the operator is, the more accurate his evaluation will be. Sort of like an X-ray technician. You wouldn’t want that guy screwing up on your x-rays would you? In summary, searching Home Inspectors Near Me in Santa Clarita isn’t necessarily going to show you who is a level 3 thermographer and who is not.

To recap, Santa Clarita home inspectors must…

  • Possess verifiable qualifications
  • More than 7-10 years of experience
  • Receives less than 10% realtor referral
  • Take his time, be diligent
  • Be a protector of his client

As a home inspector for over 25 years and having conducted well over 15,000 inspections we’ve seen a lot. Our job is more protectors of people than getting rich. As a matter of fact, we actually do inspections more for fun than anything. We own and operate a water intrusion forensic testing company here in Los Angeles. We perform swimming pool inspections, code centric roof inspections, water intrusion analysis and testing in Santa Clarita as well. So home inspections are not our full-time gig. We do them when we can.

Home Inspectors Near Me in Santa Clarita
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Home Inspectors Near Me in Santa Clarita
In case you're one of the many, searching for a "Good home inspector near me, thorough home inspectors near me, meticulous home inspectors near me, or certified home inspectors near me",  well, unfortunately the Pickens are pretty slim here in Santa Clarita. That is, for all of those things in one single person.
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