Getting a High-Level Hollywood Home Inspection?

Hollywood is the land of make-believe. So, maybe it won’t come as a shock that most certified home inspectors couldn’t tell you anything about construction. Calling them certified gives them the aura of knowledge, but it’s just a way of saying they took a short class. They can “inspect” a Hollywood house you want to buy, but a high-level inspection takes real expertise. Mazza Inspections has expertise.

What’s Gives Us Expertise?


  • F.I.R.E certified Inspector
  • General Contractor
  • Swimming Pool and Chimney Repair contractor

No one just becomes an overnight general contractor. It takes years of work on job sites, in classes, and even in apprenticeships. That’s all before you take the exam. Contrast that to the “certified” home inspector who takes a 3 hour on line course.

The “Deal”, Isn’t Our deal. We just inspect

The realtor and the property owner want you to buy that house. Everything they do is designed to make that happen. Its not that we’re insensitive, but we don’t care about the deal closes or not. We care about protecting our client: you. Nor would we misrepresent a single thing because we’re not worried about getting a slice of the pie.

about getting a slice of the pie.
Why Are Other Inspectors Cheaper?

Other inspectors come cheap because they do about half of what we do in an inspection. They blast through the house as fast as possible and only check the obvious. Our inspections can justly be called nit-picky, but we prefer thorough. You won’t be surprised by some problem that we missed.

Realtor Inspector Recommendations Aren’t Worth Anything

Realtors are salespeople. They only get paid when you buy something. That means they’re highly motivated to downplay any problems in that Hollywood house. It also means they’re highly motivated to recommend inspectors who will back up that picture the realtor paints.

Before You Decide, Read What Our Customers Say

We think customer reviews matter, which is why we encourage you to read our customer reviews here.