Granada Hills Home Inspectors

How to choose between Granada Hills Home Inspectors?

Santa Clarita Home inspectionCalifornia Currently has ZERO minimum standards for Granada Hills home inspectors to work as, well, home inspectors. Crazy right? Because there are no minimum standard for home inspectors many do. Lured by the quick cash, and with DIY experience many thus become Granada Hills Home Inspectors.

First of all, to think that you are placing your entire future or  / and your entire investment for some.  Or what about your families safety? To place it in the hands of a person who’s genuine experience cannot be quantified, is amazing.

In addition to never having Genuine experience. Many of these Home Inspectors will simply take a week long course or on-line course for certification. Andy what is Certification? What is the point if all you have to do is read a little and take a short easy test?




Granda Hills Home Inspectors Should ALL Be General Contractors

So how does one quantify genuine building experience? Easy. Make sure the person who you choose is a General Contractor like Marc Mazza. Marc Mazza has real genuine quantifiable Building experience and still to this day, maintains his license status and even owns a construction company. Make no mistake. There is a difference between a guy who’s just read how to build a house and one who has actually built a house. Our advice, make sure the Granada Hills Home Inspectors you choose from are General contractors with real building experience.

 Swimming Pool Inspectors Granada Hills

mazza swimming pool inspections los angelesMarc mazza of the Mazza Inspection group is a licensed swimming pool service and repair California contractor. What does that mean to you? To start off, it means that he has “provable” experience, not certified via an on-line course. Secondly, it means that the inspection he performs while looking through the many systems, takes into consideration years of experience. His experience in swimming pool repairs, remodels and new builds. Not just “certified”.



How much are Granada Hills Home Inspectors?

I’m not sure what the typical fee is for local Granada Hills home inspectors actually. Since most get their business from agents, I’m sure they are all competitive with one another.
​We receive 0% of our business from Realtors. We remove any chance there may be any collusion between them and us.

​Marc Mazza’s inspections are long. Just throwing that out there. If you’re looking for some quick, get in and get out type of home inspection you need to keep looking. Our inspections take time because it’s a long process to sift through an entire building it took 3 months to a year to build. Marc performs one inspection every other day. So when he’s there he’s not thinking about anything else but your home. A Mazza inspection starts at $550 and goes up from there depending on age and condition.

Granada Hills Home Inspectors as Fireplace Inspectors?

While many home inspectors inspect chimneys and fireplaces with just about every home, many are unqualified to do so. What do I mean? We’ll as “generalists” a home inspector is perfect for inspecting these components. But how many of you out there prefer a generalists over a specialists? Probably not too many. So if California does not require us to be specialists, then why be one? Simple.

Because it’s not that hard. Here’s what i mean. Not every home inspector has to take the California contractors exam like Marc Mazza. there are other way to become more advanced in the understanding of the NFPA 211 standards as well as fireplaces and chemines as a whole.

Take F.I.R.E. associates for example. They are the leader in all things fireplace related. Sure the course is over $1000+ but what, it’s not worth it? believe me, after taking that course, it is worth it because it’s your safety at stake.

Especially relevant is the fact that not only is Marc Mazza hold a fireplace California Contractors license, but is also a F.I.R.E certified chimney inspector as well.



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