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2018 | Free Home Inspection Fee Calculator

Los Angeles home inspection costs are virtually all over the map. As a matter of fact, the prices for a simple home inspection within the city or county of Los Angeles can easily swing $100 or in many cases, more, in any direction. It’s important to realize that so many factors go into the reasoning behind how home inspectors pick their pricing schedule. For example, many will base their inspection costs on various things such as;

  • How many home inspections the home inspector has performed
  • The length of time the inspector has been practicing home inspector here in Los Angeles
  • What type of qualifications the home inspector possess
  • Whether or not business is slow
  • Location of the house in respect to their office

* The fees within this calculator are just an average taken from multiple different home inspectors in Los Angeles and surrounding counties and cities. Furthermore, the fees within this home inspector fee calculator are absolutely do not reflect the fees of MAZZA INSPECTION GROUP 



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These are factors which may increase the cost of the inspection

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raised foundations usually take longer

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Why does the calculator stop at 5,000 square feet?

The home inspection fee calculator is only set up to accommodate up to 5,000 square feet simply because the majority of homes purchased here in Los Angeles are under 5,000 square feet. As a matter of fact, the average home inspected is under 2500 square feet. For homes over the 5,000 feet mark, they are usually custom quoted.

The more inspections you perform the better you get (the more the inspector is worth)home inspection los angeles

The number of home inspections a home inspector has performed is important when considering their price structure. You have to remember, the more experience the home inspector possess the more valuable the home inspector thus becomes.  The more issues a home inspector has been subjected,  the more troubleshooting and research he / she will have to perform, the more experience he / she will gain.

In contrast, a home inspector who’s only performed a handful of home inspections, who possess no real construction experience and has not been subjected to as many conditions (problems) will lack experience. This is especially true since the state of California does not require any official licensing or certifications.

I live in Los Angeles, how much does an inspection cost?

home inspection los angelesThere are so may home inspectors in Los Angeles, many of them searching for that piece of the pie called sucess. The number of new home inspectors entering the industry is staggering and as a result, the price for a home inspection drops. For buyers, this isn’t always a good thing. Buyers expect the person who they hire to protect them is well seasoned, qualified and experienced. 

For may new inspectors entering the industry their prices will generally start out very low. As a matter of fact, many of these inspectors are more than $150-$200 less than our (MAZZA) starting fee of $550.

Certifications, Licenses, Qualifications

home inspection los angelesIts only fair to start off by stating the facts. the fact is that in the state of California a home inspector is not required to possess any qualifications, certifications or licenses what-so-ever according to BPC 7195. This means anyone can become a home inspector. As a result, when anyone can become a home inspector, many will. The effects of this can be seen by home buyers throughout Los Angeles who hire these inspectors.  Low inspection fees is generally how they start off in the business.

New house building inspection costs

For many home inspectors here locally, for some reason new homes are priced cheaper than would older homes. This makes absolutely no sense. Especially when new homes are in my opinion, just as difficult to inspect as are old homes. But for some reason, home inspectors feel the need to price the new construction homes at a much cheaper rate. New home construction inspections require a great deal of knowledge in current building code. Likewise, inspectors must possess the ability to perform research on components or systems which may be installed to a newer standard.

Swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles

home inspection los angelesSwimming pools are in my opinion as a CA swimming pool repair contractor, difficult to inspect. We charge $395 for pool inspections locally here in Los Angeles. When a swimming pool inspection is added to a home inspection, the fee is reduced to $100.  On the other hand, most home inspectors will typically perform the pool inspection as a courtesy or will charge a nominal fee of $50.  As a consumer, you must be aware that home inspectors are not generally specialists when it comes to inspecting swimming pools but only take an online course on “how to inspect a swimming pool“.