Get the Fillmore Home Inspection You Need

Most people don’t know that CA requires zero real-world experience to be a home inspector. All you need is course fee, a week, and good enough memory to get through a test. That means a lot of inspectors walk into houses without really understanding anything about what goes wrong with houses. That’s not the home inspection you need before buying a house in Fillmore. You need an inspection performed by someone with actual experience in construction. You need Mazza Inspections.

Years of Experience

When you get a Mazza inspection, you get an inspection done by someone with years of contracting experience. Not only do we carry a general contractor’s license, we’re also:

  • F.I.R.E certified
  • Level 3 Thermographer
  • General Contractor

Add in the 15,000+ home inspections we’ve done over the years and you’re dealing with actual professionals.

No Gimmicks, No Bull

Some inspectors try to charm you with clever gimmicks, like snacks and coffee. Then they feed you bull on the report to cover up real problems or a poorly done job. We don’t bother with gimmicks. We don’t need bull. You get a pro inspection on that Fillmore house and a complete report.

Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap

Cheap inspections and fast food share a couple things. To turn a profit, you need to sell a lot of both. Both are done by people in a hurry. That’s a recipe for a wholly unsatisfactory product. We don’t hurry. Our inspections routinely take twice the time and cover twice the ground. The end result is a better product that costs more.

Never Use Inspectors a Realtor Wants You to Use

Realtors know that a deal can fall apart if an inspector turns in a report that is honest about everything that is actually wrong with a house. They won’t knowingly sabotage their own profit margin by recommending deal killing inspectors.

Are We as Good as We Say?

We think so, but you can always check out what our customers think.