Picking the Right Encino Home Inspector

One of the steps in buying a house is getting a home inspection. Easy. There are lots of home inspectors, right? There sure are and there’s a reason for that! You can become a California home inspector with basically zero qualifications. One short class and a test…Boom! You’re an inspector. That’s probably not the person you want inspecting an Encino house before you buy it. The right home inspector offers more and Mazza Inspections definitely offers more.

The Mazza More

We aren’t just inspectors. We’re also licensed contractors. A few of the other things we do professionally include

  • General Contractor
  • Level 3 thermographer
  • Pool and Chimney Repair Contractor

What about inspections? We’ve done a few. It was over 15,000 at last count.

No Gimmicks or Games

Good Work Costs More

Given that you’ll probably drop a million dollars or more on an Encino house, do you really want a bargain-priced inspector? People who work cheap take shortcuts because they need to get to the next job as fast as possible. We charge more so we won’t ever need to take shortcuts.

Realtor Recommendations Aren’t Worth Much

Most realtors will offer you a list of recommended inspectors. That’s certainly not to make your life easier. It’s to make sure you get an inspector who won’t scare you with plain facts about the condition of the house. Recommended inspectors are there to cement the deal, never kill it.

What’s the Customer Opinion About Mazza Inspections?

Let them tell you with their reviews.