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Doors Leading from Garage into Bedroom

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Why is it Important to be Aware of Code?

Mazza Inspection Group wants buyers and clients to be aware that code issues can affect the sale of a home. Many times, factors such as these can also affect the loan as well. Certain code violations must be corrected before a lender will fund a loan. This can limit the types of individuals that a seller can consider when selling a home as well. It is important to be well informed of any code violations that may affect the buyer or seller.

Doors Leading from Garage into Bedroom

Many different types of additions and conversions are performed within a home to add bedrooms or a way to gain direct access into a garage. It is a change made to accommodate living arrangements for home owners or as a convenience to get into the garage without having to go outside. Many of these alterations are performed without obtaining building permits. That is why it is our job to make the buyer aware that if this situation does exist in their potential purchase.

Did you know that a door leading from a garage directly into a bedroom is a violation of current building code? Openings from a private garage directly into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be permitted.

2010 CA Residential Building Code R302.5.1 Opening protection

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