diy home inspection checklist

DIY Home Inspection Checklist

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You need a Home Inspection

Anytime you plan on buying a house, , modular home, condominium or townhouse you will want a very thorough inspection.  Some of us don’t  want to hire a home inspection company but would rather, just do it ourselves. While there’s nothing wrong with inspection your own property, you will still want a thorough inspection.

In our opinion, the most critical factor in a home purchase is the inspection of the physical condition of the house or structure. It goes without saying that this is not just an emotional investment for most but a financial investment for all. Using the DIY Home Inspection Checklist is a great decision. A buyer wants to be secure that they are making a sound decision based on the condition of the property among other factors.

The need for a thorough list

No matter who’s performing the inspection, there is a need for an equally thorough list. Most home inspectors have such a list but nowadays, its on a tablet or phone because they will likely perform multiple inspections in a week, month and even year. On the other hand, you will likely only use such a list one single time.  Enter, the DIY checklist. A systematic approach to inspecting your own home, just like a pro.

First of all, many are not prepared or do not have the additional funds to make costly repairs or renovations. In fact, this can be a potential disaster once the escrow has already closed. Indeed, the new home owners discover defects that we’re not identified during the inspection process all the time. Besides, there’s a lot of home inspectors out there who are certified, and probably had a completely different job before they were inspectors. Heck, with a few hundred bucks and an online class, you too can become a California home inspector. So why not just do it yourself.

Make Sure Your DIY Home Inspection Checklist Includes These Systems

There are a few of you out there that are skeptical about hiring a professional. For you, checking the home over yourself is a better idea.  Any DIY home inspection checklist can be used but it’s critical that these lists  include the major systems such as the roof, foundation, attic, electrical, plumbing, pool, HVAC and fireplace / chimney. There are cases, however, where a specialist is necessary.

In these cases, the buyer is suggested to hire various specialty contractors. These specialist include, roofers, plumbers for the sewer line, well or septic specialists and termite companies.

What does the DIY checklist include?

GROUNDS   The grounds section will cover the exterior components such as flatwork, pergolas, fencing and more…

EXTERIOR   Exterior section will cover the exterior wall covering, the trim, closets, siding and more…

STRUCTURAL   Structural systems include the foundation be it a slab or raised crawlspace, the wall and roof framing of the building plus more…

ROOFING   Roofing is comprised of various roof covering materials such as clay time, concrete tile, composition roofing, flat roofing and more…

CHIMNEY   Chimneys can be super complex components. Our Diy checklist helps guide even the lest experienced among us through the different systems within the chimney systems

FIREPLACE   Fireplaces although they seem very simple are made up of various components all of which myst be evaluated to ensure they fireplace works as intended

PLUMBING   Plumbing systems are complete from the outside, but once you start to systematically sift through the individual components, the evaluation is a piece of cake

GARAGE   Garages not only hold vehicles and keep them dry, they also hold some pretty important systems such as structural framing, appliances, fire separation doors and walls, and more…

ELECTRICAL   Electricity is daunting enough as it is. For those of you who feel comfortable enough to work on electrical components you can use this checklist otherwise, hiring a professional is always suggested

INTERIOR   Within the interior are many of the comfort features you and I are used to such as walls, floors, doors, ceilings etc…

STAIRS   Stairs are made up of multiple components such as treads, risers and railings. Along with these parts are their associated requirements you will find in the checklist for stairs

LAUNDRY   Laundry systems are compressed of plumbing and electrical systems all of which must be checked thoroughly to ensure proper operation

KITCHEN   Kitchens are usually the center focal point within every house. There are many areas which should be thoroughly evaluated. Our list leaves no stone unturned

HEATER   Heating systems are not only required in every home they are essential. Our list covers the basics of these systems. Many opt to have a professional here

AIR CONDITION   Air conditioning is essential especially here in sunny Southern California. Use our checklist to guide you through the basics of the A/C system

DUCTWORK   The ducts are necessary to distribute the conditioned air throughout the house. Use the list to check the ducts for damage. In homes prior to 1980 you may want a professional in case of asbestos 

BATHROOMS   Nothing like a nice bathroom. Its where we spend 1.5 years of our life according to this poll

THERMOGRAPHY   The use of thermography is essential in every home inspection. If you cant get a thermographer if I were you, I’d at least rent a camera at Home Depot.

SWIMMING POOL   Swimming pools are very complex systems im not going to lie. You can use our checklist to systematically go through its systems or you may opt for a professional here

ATTIC   Attic are where all the good stuff hides. In there we have structural components, ducts, heating systems, and more…

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