Chatsworth Home Inspectors

Chatsworth Home Inspectors… what you need to know.

santa clarita home inspectorsThe home inspection industry in California is completely unregulated. What does this mean? It means that the home inpsector you choose may have been a cab driver as early as yesterday.  Although you as a home buyer want the very best in your home inpspector you may not always be getting just that.  Still, there are good Chatsworth home inspectors, you just need to know the right questions to ask them to narrow your choices.

Two things that make good Chatsworth Home Inspectors

  • Genuine California Contractors License
  • Has performed an excess of 5,000 paid home inspections

Because California has no formal educational requirements, you as a home buyer will need to rely on the next best thing. And what is the next best thing? A California contractors license. Why? To start off, the contractors license is proctored by the state, issued by the state and required by the state to work as a contractor. While the license is not required because this is not a consruction project, the experience one must possess to actually do contraction work is extremely helpful when attempting to dismantle (visually) a home in 3 hours.

Different from licensing is experience. Let me start out by saying this; the more homes an inspector sees, the better he thus becomes. This means, as a home inspector the more homes you visit, the more issues you are exposed to the better you will become. Take a newbie home inspector for example. An inspector who just started out, who has only inspected three homes, and who is also not a contractor is far more likely to miss huge important issue than one who has seen thousands of houses.

How long should Chatsworth Home Inspectors take on my home?

A typical 1500 square foot home that is nice should take no less than 3 hours. If your inspector books your appointment and only allow himself a limited amount of time to complete your inspection. My advice is to find another inspector. Likewise, never ever book an inspection from your realtors list of 3. Marc Mazza of the Mazza inspection Group takes will not place a time limitation on his inspections. As a matter of fact, the inspection takes as long as it takes.

Marc Mazza of the Mazza inspection group works only for the home buyer and not the realtors, lenders or anyone else for that matter.