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Is a Certified Master Inspector the most qualified inspector?

As a buyer or prospective client your first priority will be to find the most qualified inspector possible. Why would you trust your future to an inspector who did not have the proper credentials? A majority of home inspectors do not have valid proof that they have building experience and have worked in the construction industry such as a general contractor, engineer or certified building inspector. These titles all require education, verified experience and testing to validate the license or certificate provided to the inspector by an accredited state bureau. The above qualifications combined with additional certifications, licenses and experience in home inspection will provide the client with the best possible inspection.

Can you validate a Certified Master Inspector’s Construction Experience?

One of the ways that many inspectors lacking in verified building experience try to validate themselves to prospective clients is by becoming a Certified Master Inspector. This is a title offered to an association member and certain requirements must be met to attain and hold this status.

The following are the requirements given to applicants of the Certified Master Inspector title. The inspector must have conducted 1000 or more fee paid inspections or hours of education. The two may be combined. We are not sure how 1000 inspections or hours of education takes the place of actual building experience and knowledge but someone made this a requirement for this title. The inspector must have worked in the industry for a minimum of 3 years. The inspector must follow a code of ethics (which should probably be followed regardless of this title) and agree to periodic background checks. The final requirement needed to become a Certified Master Inspector is a one-time processing fee of $2500. And by the way, the candidate is not required to submit proof of the education or the inspections but must submit proof of 3 years in the industry.

Certified Master Inspector seems to appear very official to the public but who exactly certifies them and how are they certified? Basically, most people are trusting when they see some type of logo that may appear to look official. This does not validate the true experience and knowledge of the inspector.




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