Certified Home Inspector Santa Clarita

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Certified home Inspector Santa Clarita

Certified home inspector santa claritaI see you are searching for a certified home inspector in Santa Clarita, but did you know that there are no minimum requirements to work as a home inspector in California? ¬†That’s right, In the state of California, all the quantifiable experience necessary to work as a home inspector is… well none, zero, notta.

Hmmm, so if there are in fact no minimum requirements to work as a home inspector, why are there “certified” home inspectors then? The answer is simple, how else can one prove to you that they are experienced? If the inspector lacks the experience to be a California Contractor which IMO is a quantifiable form of experience, how else are they to legitimize themselves in this industry with “un-provable” experience?

The fact that a person can show up to your door to perform one of the most important jobs within a real estate transaction without quantifiable provable proof that they in fact know anything about construction is absurdMIG

It’s really just a joke

Certified home inspection santa claritaThe fact that a person can show up to your door to perform one of the most important jobs within a real estate transaction without quantifiable provable proof that they in fact know anything about construction is absurd. These certifications are easily obtainable and can actually be “purchased” from the internet. Or, the individual can take a week long class to learn everything there is to know about houses (in 40 hours) ūüėČ . And after the classes, these individuals are ready to inspect your house.

What do realtors think about Certified Home Inspectors?

certified home inspection saugusHaha, don’t make me laugh. Seriously, if you had a $5K, $10K or 15K commission on the line, who would¬†you want to refer to your clients for the inspection?

  • A guy who goes through your house in 45 minutes with little to zero quantifiable experience
  • Or
  • A guy who has worked in multiple trades within the construction industry with experience which is genuinely quantifiable in the form of a contractors license?

I’m quite sure the answer is easy for you. However, by-and-large, realtors will choose the other guy, and for good reason. It all comes down to two things… the more you know the more you find. The more you find the more likely the buyer will re-think their purchase or at least look at the building now from an entirely new perspective.

Realtors care little about the knowledge of a home inspector because their interests are for the majority of the time, self serving. The agents will care more about how long the inspector takes and the fee than how well a certified home inspector can protect you as a home buyer.

Who then is qualified?

Certified home inspectors santa claritaI’ve been in this business for a long time and have seen many, many home inspection reports.¬†Historically, the inspectors who have had real life building experience, working with sub contractors, the building and safety department and engineers tend to know more about the construction of a house and it’s performance over the years.

Things to look for in an Inspector.

  1. Contractors License
  2. Over 5,000 paid inspections
  3. Insurance like E&O and liability
  4. Tools such as infrared camera and drones
  5. NOT a team player

Things to avoid in a Home Inspector

  1. ALL Inspectors on the realtors list
  2. Certified from National Home Inspection association or internet class
  3. Less than 5,000 paid inspections
  4. No insurance
  5. Does not use infrared and not educated in the use of the camera by classification Level 1-2 or 3
  6. Know the agents well
  7. Cheap fees
  8. Available within a few days
  9. Brings snacks, games or trinkets to inspections
  10. Check list reports or reports less than 50 pages on any structure

For more information on how to choose an inspector go Here

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