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Home Inspection Timelines

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Home Inspection Timelines – A Home Inspection is NOT a Formality – All Home Inspectors Are NOT Created Equal We’ve been noticing a trend lately with the various time lines in which the buyer has to get his/her inspections performed. I’ve seen anywhere from five to seventeen days allotted for inspections. Heck, I’ve even seen instances in which the buyer …

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THERMOGRAPHY in a Home Inspection

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How We Use Thermography in a Home Inspection Thermography is the use of an infrared camera to take pictures using infrared energy or radiation that is emitted from objects, which allows us to see the variation in temperatures. That temperature difference is what makes it possible for the technician to spot moisture intrusion in a ceiling, floor, wall or roof, …

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Comparing Home Inspection Reports

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Comparing Home Inspection Reports As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, ALL HOME INSPECTORS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. A home inspection is not just a formality. A home inspector brings with him various levels of knowledge, experience and training or expertese. Another vital component that needs to be taken into consideration is the reporting system. When interviewing inspectors a question that …

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Picky or Detailed Home Inspectors

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MIG is known for having picky or detailed home inspectors. What would you think if your realtor gave you a list of inspectors and said, “Let me warn you about that inspector. He is too picky.” What would you think? You probably would have that inspector at the top of your list. You might think to yourself, “Hmm…isn’t that an …