Qualified Castaic Home Inspectors

Home inspections in Castaic is a free-for-all because anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Yeah, you heard right. Anyone who can stumble through a one-week class and pass a test gets the job title. It doesn’t matter if they don’t actually know one end of a screwdriver from the other. They still get to write you a report about the house you plan to buy. Mazza Inspections thinks customers can and should get qualified home inspectors. That’s what we deliver.

What Qualifies Us Better than the Other Guys?

A lot. We don’t just look at houses. We perform general contracting work. You need a license to do that and it definitely takes more than a week to get it. We’ve seen ever every home repair disaster you can imagine, which means experience informs our inspections. On top of that, we bring expertise in pool repair, chimney repair, and we can even do thermography scans of the house.

  • General Contractor
  • Chimney Contractor
  • Pool Repair Contractor

We Answer to You

A good inspector should only answer to the home buyer. It’s the only way to be sure you’re getting solid information. Unfortunately, realtors direct the lion’s share of business to most inspectors. Our customers don’t get our name from realtors because realtors hate us. Why? We answer to the customers. That means we tell you what’s really going on with that house.

Twice the Work Means a Higher Price

A Mazza inspection of that Castaic home isn’t going to come at a bargain rate. We check about twice as many things as our competitors, which takes about twice as long. That extra time and thoroughness cost more.

Ignore that List of Inspectors Your Realtor Recommends

Home inspectors aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them. Your hand isn’t the one that feeds them. Realtors do that, which means those recommended inspectors will try to help close the deal.

Hear What Our Customers Think

Customer reviews are the best indicator of what kind of work a company does. See how our customers review us over on Yelp.