carport code

Carport Code

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MIG Considers Building Code

Mazza Inspection Group considers itself to be code centric. We know that every home is built to a standard or building code. We do our best to look at a home in a way that determines if various components have been constructed. Some homes have garages that have been converted and according to building standards must build a carport in its place while some homes have a carport in addition to a garage or just a carport and no garage. Carport code is something that may affect the sale of a property. Building code determines whether or not a structure is considered a carport.

Carport Code

Did you know that according to building code a carport must be open on two sides? Carports that are not open on two sides are considered a garage. Carport floor surfaces shall be of approved noncombustible material. The area of  floor used for the parking of automobiles or other vehicles must be sloped to facilitate the movement of liquids associated with motor vehicles such as oil, gasoline or antifreeze. These are toxic or flammable materials that should not be allowed to collect in the building.

2010 CA Residential Building Code R309.2 Carports


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