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Choosing between Camarillo Home Inspectors

Did you  know that currently California has ZERO minimum standards to work as Camarillo Home Inspectors or for anywhere in California actually? That’s correct. So as a home buyer looking for the best home inspector you can hire, how do you know who you’re getting if there is no state standardized test which everyone in this business needs to conform to? Short answer is you do not.

BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE 7195 classifies all home inspectors as Generalists and not specialists

Because there are no standards and no certifications or tests you’re only option is to go with what is quantifiable. And what is quantifiable? A general contractors license. Think about it… The only way one can effectively become a state Licensed General Contractor and is to pass a state issued test. So there you go. This test is all you have as a consumer to find Camarillo Home Inspectors who can prove actually building experience and who are  most capable.

Narrowing your choice of Camarillo Home Inspectors to Mazza

Marc Mazza of the Mazza Inspection group offers much more than other home inspectors and a lot more than just those “certified” home inspectors.  Marc is a General contractor who currently still operates a General construction company, Mazzco construction.
In the world of home inspection, Marc is more of a specialist rather than a Generalist which is what 100% of all inspectors conform to.
What does this mean? It means marc understands intimate details about specific components within specific systems. ​

​Marc is a Chimney/Fireplace Contractor… other Camarillo Home Inspectors are not

​So what does this mean to you? It means that when marc is looking at a chimney or fireplace he’s doing so from the perspective of being  a Licensed California Fireplace contractor and F.I.R.E. certified Inspector. NOT A GENERALIST.  It means he finds more. Furthermore, we are Rampart General Precast chimney experts. This is a chimney system which is plagued with issues. With most cases, these chimneys are rendered useless when specific issues are detected.

Swimming Pool Inspectors Camarillo

mazza swimming pool inspections los angelesOnce again, Marc is a Specialists. Marc Mazza of the Mazza Inspection group is also a swimming pool repair contractor. Again, not a generalists but specialists. Most inspectors perform only a cursory 20 minute inspection of the pool whereas Marc will spend up to an hour just on the pool.

Level 3 ThermographerInfrared thermography Los Angeles

​Thermography is a relatively new tool to use in conjunction with home inspection. Most home inspectors will purchase a camera to take pretty pictures in hopes to get more business by impressing agents and buyers alike. Truth be told, it’s just a tool. And as a tool, the operator should be expected to be no less than level 2 certified. As stated previously, Marc is not only a level 3 but is also an instructor in thermography.

Most Camarillo Home inspectors work for Realtors… We Do Not

Just so there is no confusion with any collusion, we DO NOT work with or for Realtors. We are an independent neutral third party inspection firm. We work only for the home buyers protection. Period.

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