Calabasas Home Inspectors

The MAZZA inspection group is one of the most thorough, Comprehensive home inspection companies in Southern California. There is no other company quite like MAZZA inspections when it comes to placing the client first. Mazza inspection receives 100% of their business from the internet from such places like Yelp and Google. Because of this, Mazza Is beholden to no one.

What makes Mazza Inspections qualified?

First of all, Marc Mazza has conducted well over 14,000 home inspections to date. that means, even though he may not have seen it all, he’s seen a lot. Probably a lot more than a newbie home inspector who just took a one week course and received his “certification“.

What! There are minimum standards for home inspectors in California?

Mazza Home inspection Los AngelesYou bet. California has ZERO minimum requirements to be Calabasas home inspectors,or anywhere for that matter. So this means you can have a guy who was a taxi cab driver from New York yesterday, and home inspector in California today. I know. Wow.
​Our suggestion is to NEVER have a “certified Only” home inspector inspect your home. Without any standard, you never know who you’ll get and what quantifiable experience they have.

Swimming Pool Inspections in Calabasas

​We are swimming pool service and repair California Licensed Contractors. What does this mean? It means that when we look at the swimming pool its not with the experience of some classroom or on line course. It’s real quantifiable knowledge backed by a California contractors license.

Yes, we’re Calabasas Home Inspectors but were also Fireplace Contractors…

What? Yes, we are licensed fireplace contractors. So this means unlike the other certified home inspectors when we look at the fireplace or chimney, we can inspect, and speak of issues with authority. Try that with a certified only home inspector.

We’ve done over 14,000 home inspections to date

Marc Mazza has conducted over 14,000 home inspections. that means although he’s not seen it all yet, he’s seen a lot. Definitely a lot more that the newbie certified home inspector on your Realtors list.

As Calabasas home inspectors… we dont mess around

honestly, we could care less if there are commissions at stake or not. Your investment, your safety and your family supersedes any proceeds anyone stands to make by us just rubber stamping your home inspection report.

Marc Mazza is a LEVEL III thermographer

Infrared thermography Los AngelesBeing a LEVEL III means when he’s using is $40,000 Flir camera, he’s not just taking pretty pictures like some of these other guys do to WOW their clients. He actually knows what he’s doing. Marc finds moisture intrusion issues, leaks and electrical issues it seems like in just about every house.

We are insured

Heck ya we’re insured. There is no way we’d even think about performing one single inspection without errors and Omissions and GL insurances.

Your house is our house

As a General contractor and as Calabasas home inspectors, we inspect every house as if our family was buying it. We promise you that.

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