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Looking for Burbank Home Inspectors?

Look no further. The Mazza inspection group with Marc Mazza at the helm, is a leader in the home inspection business. With well over 14,000 home inspections performed, you know when Marc is on site, he knows a thing or two about this job.  Marc is not just one of those “certified only” home inspectors, Marc Mazza is a general contractor, swimming pool repair contractor, fireplace contractor and Level 3 thermographer. With Marc Mazza you just get more.

​What is a thermographer?

Infrared thermography Los AngelesThermography is the use of a special camera which detects temperature differences within surfaces. should such differences in temperatures exist, these temperatures are surveyed and examined and after which, a conclusion is drawn whether these temperatures represent cool, heat, moisture or otherwise. In some cases additional equipent is necessary to confirm theories as to what conditions are present such as moisture meters for example.

Swimming pool inspections Burbank

Marc Mazza is not only one of the best Burbank home inspectors, he’s a professional home inspector but he’s a state licensed pool repair contractor. What does this mean? It means that hen he inspects a swimming pool he is looking at it from the perspective of a repair person and not some “certified” home inspector.

Burbank home inspectors with no minimum standards

Actually, it’s California that has ZERO minimum standards for home inspectors. that means anyone can be your home inspector. You bet. Dog catcher yesterday, home inspector today. You never know who you’ll get. that is, unless you only use a General contractor. See, a general contractor must pass a state issued test and prove genuine building experience.

Marc Mazza, a Chimney/fireplace inspector too?

​That’s correct. Marc Mazza is a F.I.R.E certified  chimney inspector. Furthermore, Marc is also a licensed fireplace contractor. That is, licensed from the state of California as a contractor.

NOT one of your typical Burbank Home Inspectors

Marc Mazza of the Mazza inspection group marches to a completely different beat. What do we mean? Okay, let me tell you. Marc ONLY works for the buyers. Not the Realtors. Not the lenders or anyone else who stands to profit from the sale of the house. Marc mazza gets 0% of his business from Realtors which means you can rest assured there is no collusion between him and the agents or whoever. Marc works for you . Period.

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