Foundation Elevation Code

Foundation Elevation Code

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MIG Checks for Proper Site Elevation When looking for the perfect home, you are probably not checking out the foundation to make sure it is at the proper elevation in regard to its position from the street. If not built at the proper elevation, with  the introduction of excess water the results can be disastrous. Water is the biggest enemy of …

smoke detectors

Smoke Detectors Near Registers

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MIG is Concerned with Your Safety We care about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Mazza Inspection Group is code centric. There are reasons that most codes exist and that is to keep the occupants safe within the building. Every inspector knows the required locations (bedrooms and hallways) that smoke detectors should be installed but will they let …

choosing a qualified inspector

Choosing a Qualified Inspector

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Choosing a Qualified Inspector Your offer just go accepted and now your agent says it’s time to choose a home inspector. There are various ways you can find a reputable inspection firm but typically, it’s narrowed down to about three. Choosing a qualified inspector can be a difficult task, especially if you are a first time buyer and have had little experience …

Building Code Centric

MIG is Building Code Centric

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To Know Code or not to Know Code… MIG is building code centric and we will explain why we follow these standards as close as we possibly can. Since we are familiar and experienced with construction, we know that every legal structure is built to a standard and requires permits from the authority having jurisdiction. These standards are in place …

water heater installation

Water Heater Installation Requires Permits

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MIG Knows About New Water Heater Installations Mazza Inspection Group is a code centric inspection company and we pay special attention to the code requirements for the installation of hot water heaters and also the tankless types. Unfortunately, all appliances have a limited lifespan and sooner or later will need to be replaced. Water heaters have a life of approximately 12 years …

chimney height

Chimney Height for Homes

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MIG Knows the Codes for Chimneys Homes and other structures are built to a standard. These standards or codes are put into place by building officials as a means to regulate construction methods so that occupants can be safe. Chimneys and fireplaces can be a way to keep a home warm or just to create a cozy setting in a …

railing height code

Railing Height Code

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Mazza Inspection Group Cares About Your Safety When a Mazza inspector is working for you, our main priority is safety. We take code issues into account because many codes have to do with keeping the home or structure safe for the occupants. There are safety issues that can be related to structure, electrical, plumbing and other areas of construction. Did …

door leading to bedroom

Doors Leading from Garage into Bedroom

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Why is it Important to be Aware of Code? Mazza Inspection Group wants buyers and clients to be aware that code issues can affect the sale of a home. Many times, factors such as these can also affect the loan as well. Certain code violations must be corrected before a lender will fund a loan. This can limit the types …

carport code

Carport Code

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MIG Considers Building Code Mazza Inspection Group considers itself to be code centric. We know that every home is built to a standard or building code. We do our best to look at a home in a way that determines if various components have been constructed. Some homes have garages that have been converted and according to building standards must …