railing height code

Railing Height Code

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Mazza Inspection Group Cares About Your Safety When a Mazza inspector is working for you, our main priority is safety. We take code issues into account because many codes have to do with keeping the home or structure safe for the occupants. There are safety issues that can be related to structure, electrical, plumbing and other areas of construction. Did …

carport code

Carport Code

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MIG Considers Building Code Mazza Inspection Group considers itself to be code centric. We know that every home is built to a standard or building code. We do our best to look at a home in a way that determines if various components have been constructed. Some homes have garages that have been converted and according to building standards must …

Electrical Hazards in Pools

Electrical Hazards In Pools That Kill – 2018

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Electrical Hazards in Pools That Kill Most buyers or homeowners are not aware of the many electrical hazards in pools that can kill or seriously injure those swimming in the pool. What starts off as a day of fun can easily end in tragedy. Various issues from lack of bonding to gfis can be attributed to deaths that could have been …

Certified Master Inspector

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Is a Certified Master Inspector the most qualified inspector? As a buyer or prospective client your first priority will be to find the most qualified inspector possible. Why would you trust your future to an inspector who did not have the proper credentials? A majority of home inspectors do not have valid proof that they have building experience and have …

same day home inspection report

On Site Home Inspection Reports

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Mazza Inspection Group Doesn’t Generate On Site Home Inspection Reports The actual home inspection report is one of the most important documents used in a real estate transaction. It should explicitly state the current condition of the home so that the buyer is aware of what they are purchasing. The home inspection report is not something that should be taken lightly or compiled …

home inspection fee

Inspection Fee (pay now or pay later)

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What is an acceptable fee for an inspection? The Mazza Inspection Group does not have set fees for home inspections. Most buyers when calling our office while during our conversation will eventually inquire as to the fee that they can expect to be paying for their inspection. To some, it is the most important part of the call for various …

mazza home inspection santa clarita

Home Inspection Timelines

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Home Inspection Timelines – A Home Inspection is NOT a Formality – All Home Inspectors Are NOT Created Equal We’ve been noticing a trend lately with the various time lines in which the buyer has to get his/her inspections performed. I’ve seen anywhere from five to seventeen days allotted for inspections. Heck, I’ve even seen instances in which the buyer …

thermography in a home inspection

THERMOGRAPHY in a Home Inspection

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How We Use Thermography in a Home Inspection Thermography is the use of an infrared camera to take pictures using infrared energy or radiation that is emitted from objects, which allows us to see the variation in temperatures. That temperature difference is what makes it possible for the technician to spot moisture intrusion in a ceiling, floor, wall or roof, …