Get the Black Card of Beverly Hills Home Inspections

You don’t get a black card because you need a credit card. You get a black card because it’s the best. If you’re about to drop millions of dollars on a Beverly Hills home, you don’t need Beverly Hills Home Inspectors. You need the best home inspection. That means you want a Mazza Home Inspection.

What Makes Mazza Inspections so Different

Did you know that all it takes to become a CA home inspector is an online class? You don’t need any actual experience in home building, code enforcement, or subcontracting. A guy who was driving for a rideshare company 6 months ago can call himself a home inspector if he passes that online class.
That’s not how Mazza works. We bring years of hands-on experience in contracting to our inspections.

  • Licensed general contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographer
  • Licensed Pool Repair Contractor

We know when things are wrong with a house because we actually know what it looks like when things are right.

We Prioritize You

Different home inspectors have different priorities. New home inspectors are often trying to ingratiate themselves to realtors. Established inspectors are trying to maintain their relationship with realtors. The common thread there isn’t you. We don’t get referral work from realtors because we prioritize the home buyer, not the deal. We won’t pretend everything is okay with a house just to get things to escrow. We’ll give you a thorough, complete, and honest report.

We Charge More Because We Do More.

A typically home inspection runs 45 minutes or less, even in Beverly Hills homes of 10,000 and 20,000 square feet. Our inspections take as long as they need to take to do the job properly. You aren’t paying for a token walk-through. You’re paying for the best inspection.

Avoid Realtor’s Inspectors

A realtor’s recommended inspectors want to make sure they stay in the realtor’s good graces. They’ll bury serious problems in their reports and use innocuous phrases to mask the reality. You need a real report on the house, not a fairy tale.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

You can see what real clients say about us on Yelp.

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