Free home inspection checklist


Free DIY Home Inspection Checklist

 *Denotes a hazardous condition which is suggested to be evaluated by a professional of this trade.

 *Denotes a condition which in and of itself requires a professionals second opinion or troubleshooting or further information / discovery.

General Comments

The Air condition unit was replaced. Request documentation or permits for any work performed. (*DIY TIP: Check for a building permit)


SIZE:   1 ton    2 tons   3 tons      4 tons      5 tons      

AGE: ___________

General Observations

  •  The air condition system appears to be functional
  •  The condenser is newer (ask about installation by professional / permits)
  •  The condenser was moved – (check for permits)
  •  Not accessible for inspection
  •  The condenser is at the end of its life  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  •  The condenser is out of level
  •  The condenser is under / over sized for square footage  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  •  The condenser is turning on and off repeatedly  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  •  The coil is damaged (fins are smashed)
  •  The condenser is very dirty
  •  The condenser is not secured to the slab / 3” from grade
  •  The condenser is too close to adjacent walls or plants (12”)
  •  The condenser is too close to irrigation
  •  The condenser is too close to the pool  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  •  The condenser is too close to the dryer vent termination  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  •  The condensers fan is imbalanced
  •  The condenser is making unusual noises  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)

Electrical / Sub Panel / Disconnect

  •  The electrical is functional
  •  Sub panel needs to be sealed to the wall
  •  Panel is missing its inner cover – exposed wiring  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  •  The panel is not secured to the wall
  •  Located behind the condenser (panel)- hazardous location  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  •  Missing knockouts  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  •  Conduit is disconnected from the sub panel / condenser  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  •  Fuses which are too large for the condenser  (*DIY TIP: This is a hazard)
  •  Missing fuses

Refrigerant Lines

  •  The refrigerant lines are acceptable
  •  Missing insulation
  •  Deteriorated foam
  •  The refrigerant lines are run underground  (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  •  Lines (refrigerant lines) are lying on grade
  •  Uninsulated refrigerant lines inside the wall cavity (infrared scan needed)    (*DIY TIP: Have contractor evaluate)
  • Not supported properly (refrigerant lines)
  •  Copper refrigerant lines are connected to galvanized straps

Temperature Differential

  •  The temperature differential is acceptable (18 – 21 degrees)
  •  Note: the temperature differential is unacceptable   

AIR CONDITION DIY Free Home Inspection Checklist

As a glorified DIYer, you may want to use our free DIY home inspection Checklist to help guide you through he inspection of your air condition system. Although the inspection is a cursory evaluation nevertheless, you should be able to determine whether the unit is in need of service. In your inspection of the condenser you will want to first look at the unit to determine if the unit is level, and installed in a location that does not encroach on the property line, pool or other obstacle.  Looking at the coils you will want to look for damaged coils “fins”. the unit should be secured to the ground or base at least 3″ above the flat earth.  The refrigerant lines should be well insulated all the way to the building. When testing its ability to cool, you will want to use your thermometer and test the temperatures from the registers collectively and then test the temperatures from the return. The difference should be about 20 degrees. 

Alternatively you may elect to have a professional home inspector or contractor evaluate the system if you are unable.

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As a DIYer, having a checklist to conduct a home inspection all by myself is a great way to become familiar with my new house.
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