Single Family homes

5,000 – 15,000 Sq Ft range

*$1,800 to $5,400

* Raised foundations, pool / spa, age and condition not included

Where do we get our business?

Internet (Google, Yelp etc...75%)
Referrals (friends family24%)
Real Estate Agents1%

3.5 things

  • Please know that the larger estate properties require a great deal of organizing so please have your list of ancillary services or inspections you wish to have performed such as geo, structural, swimming pool, elevator, aquarium, irrigation, roof, sewer, chimney etc…, so we can locate the necessary service provider of those services which we do not perform and include those items as well.
  • Please allow enough time to complete such inspections. The size of the property including ancillary inspections dictates the time spent at the property. To give you an idea, we can inspect a single family house in good condition, up to 6,000 square feet in a single day with 2 inspectors.
  • This fee is a starting point. Many factors affect the final price such as time spent at the property due to it’s age, size, additional features, additional structures, foundation, pool etc…
I’m all in