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2018 | Repair To Resale – Projects That Sell Can Sell Your Home

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Repair To Resale: Projects That Can Sell Your Home

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It’s time to sell your home and you’re ready to move quickly. Unfortunately, you don’t feel like your house is up to snuff. If there are cosmetic flaws, it could impact your resale value and your ability to get buyers in the door. What updates can you make that are affordable, but don’t take a long time?

Easy Projects You Can Do

Tackle The Basics

Applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls should be done throughout the house. Stick with white or a neutral color as much as possible so prospects can view their own design options in it. Declutter and depersonalize it as well. Unsure where to begin? Budget Dumpster has an in-depth guide on how to declutter your home.

Give It Curb Appeal

No one is going to buy your home unless they are intrigued enough to step inside. To make the outside appealing, touch up the outdoor trim, freshen or replace weather-beaten shutters and clean your gutters. Prune overgrowth and remove all weeds. Check for bee nests, too. Fresh wood chips are an easy way to create appeal around tree bases. For more affordable designs, check out these six ideas from DIY Network to update the outside of your home less than $100 each.

Appealing Entryways

Once they are in the door, you’ll want them to be eager to see more. That’s why you should create an enticing entryway. The great thing about this upgrade is that since this is a small area, it shouldn’t cost much to update. Keep it with the theme of your home’s overall style as well. 

Update Lighting and Brightness

You want to make sure all the rooms of your house are bright. Make sure your window dressing can be rolled up or pulled back and aren’t damaged. In addition to making sure all the light bulbs are working, update your light fixtures. The Spruce has some great tips on how to modernize the lighting in your home. 

Do A Bathroom Refresh

Keep this simple. You can buy new fixtures, replace broken tiles and regrout floors. Replace your toilet seat if necessary and consider painting any cabinets you may have. Make sure the lighting is bright in this room. You can add small touches too, like fresh bathroom accessories and scented candles. Yahoo Lifestyle has some additional options to update your bathroom. 

Updating Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most marketable room in your home but if it’s in need of a full renovation, it’s going to cost you. What can you do to get your kitchen ready for resale? Houzz has some affordable suggestions, including painting your kitchen cabinets. Worried about doing it right? Read this tutorial from This Old House.

Unless something else is badly damaged, many buyers want to see a stylish counter, preferably granite. Should you take on this expense? SF Gate has several things you should consider before you upgrade kitchen counters.

More Home Selling Tips

While these updates are an affordable way to increase your home value, there are more ways to ensure you sell your house quickly:

  • Decide when is the best time to sell your house.
  • Choose a competitive price.
  • Deep clean and stage your home.
  • Get professional listing photos.
  • Promote your house online.

A great listing agent can help you with all of these things so be sure to hire the best one available for your area. 

Renovating a home for resale can be costly and time-consuming, but if you choose the right updates it can be affordable and easy. That will help you get your home sold on time and on budget.

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