MAZZA moisture intrusion specialist

Water intrusion specialist Los Angeles

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Moisture intrusion specialist Los Angeles Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspection Company is a Water intrusion specialist. As a specialist, he focuses his energy into discovering the origin of those hard to find leaks within a building. He uses a series of specialized equipment, most of which is state of the art and as one of the only Level III infrared thermographyers in los Angeles, …

Shopping for an inspector

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Shopping for an inspector? Read this first! On the surface most all inspectors appear to be the same. But dig just a little deeper and you will find that this is not the case at all. There are absolutely ZERO standards in California to work as an inspector so really, anyone can do this job. In order to best protect …

home inspection time frames

Time Frames for a Home Inspection

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Time Frames for a Home Inspection Every real estate transaction has a time or contingency period in which the buyer is able to conduct investigations to make a wise decision. Time frames for a home inspection given by the sellers can sometimes be unreasonable. This is a critical part of the transaction because the buyer is limited to 7 or …

diy home inspection checklist

DIY Home Inspection Checklist

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Would you prefer to use a DIY Inspection Checklist? An inspection checklist is quite necessary in order to complete a systematic evaluation of a house. In our opinion, the most critical factor in a home purchase is the inspection of the physical condition of the house or structure. It goes without saying that this is not just an emotional investment …

same day home inspection report

On Site Home Inspection Reports

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Mazza Inspection Group Doesn’t Generate On Site Home Inspection Reports The actual home inspection report is one of the most important documents used in a real estate transaction. It should explicitly state the current condition of the home so that the buyer is aware of what they are purchasing. The home inspection report is not something that should be taken lightly or compiled …

Home Inspection Timelines

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Home Inspection Timelines – A Home Inspection is NOT a Formality – All Home Inspectors Are NOT Created Equal We’ve been noticing a trend lately with the various time lines in which the buyer has to get his/her inspections performed. I’ve seen anywhere from five to seventeen days allotted for inspections. Heck, I’ve even seen instances in which the buyer …

thermography in a home inspection

THERMOGRAPHY in a Home Inspection

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How We Use Thermography in a Home Inspection Thermography is the use of an infrared camera to take pictures using infrared energy or radiation that is emitted from objects, which allows us to see the variation in temperatures. That temperature difference is what makes it possible for the technician to spot moisture intrusion in a ceiling, floor, wall or roof, …