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The home inspection industry is completely unregulated… 

As a buyer you’re going to find out pretty quickly that qualifications, fees, time spent on site, reporting methods and ethics are very much all over-the-map…

I’ll make this simple for you. Mazza inspections is one of the most thorough inspectors in Los Angeles
When interviewing inspection companies, narrow your choices to an inspection company who are real genuine California contractors (like Mazza), a company who produce a fully narrative report (like Mazza), a company who will spend as much time as it takes to methodically dissect your building and someone who will not be rushed through this process (like Mazza) and a company who only works for the client and who is influenced by absolutely no one (yes, like Mazza). You will however, find that we’re not the cheapest, but in this business the price shouldn’t be your primary concern.

What Do We Inspect?

We’re often asked, “so what do you guys check”?
We will evaluate everything we can see, feel, touch and smell between the roof and the foundation which is visible and accessible. Our system works well for us and our clients seem to appreciate it as well as some realtors, like Mike Hrezo of Remax who refers to us as “over the top thorough”. Thanks Mike, that works for us…. We’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

Time Spent

The most common questions we get is,” how long will this take?”…

And our response will usually go something like this…a lot goes into constructing an entire building and as inspectors, visually taking it apart in a matter of a few hours really is a difficult task. Although we set predicted times to perform our inspections, the building itself and its condition will often times ultimately determine exactly how long it will take to complete a full inspection. In short, we’re done when we’re done…so bring a lunch.

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I would never ever have an inspection performed without infrared, and if I wouldn’t, you shouldn’t either. If you could see the things we see every day I’m sure you’d agree. The use of an IR camera is worthless if you have no idea what tests to perform prior to using it… We have thousands of scans under our belt and know where to look and what tests to perform prior to using the camera for best results. For us, we only get a few hours to find as much as we possibly can and the use of this type of equipment is paramount in helping us with this task.
Marc Mazza is one of only a few level III thermographers in LA, and is also a thermography instructor. We have developed systems for discovering moisture, whether it’s a shower pan, drain, window or roof, we have a test for this system which when used yields results for our client. We find a lot of moisture and electrical related issues, it’s that simple.

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