Who are these MAZZA guys?

The Mazza Inspection Group are advocates for home buyers. We take pride in our work and we work entirely for our buyer's protection.  It's taken a few years but, we're proud that the majority of our work derives from the internet and  referrals from satisfied clients.

We've done this a few times...

MIG is what you'd definitely considered as a seasoned inspection company. We have performed over 12,000 inspections. That means when we are inspecting a house, we come across issues we have seen more than a few times.

3 reasons why MAZZA is a better choice?

Licensed Contractor

F.I.RE. Certified

Level III Thermographer


The team is made up of a group of professionals who are passionate about their job of helping you, the buyer, make an informed decision.


You are making one of the biggest purchases in your life. You need someone on YOUR side. We truly believe that knowledge is power. In this case, the more you know about a house, the more confidence you can have to make a solid decision.