Single Family homes

500 – 5,000 Sq Ft range

Starting at $500 – $1800

* Raised foundations, pool / spa, age and condition not included

Where do we get our business?

Internet (Google, Yelp etc...75%)
Referrals (friends family 24%)
Real Estate Agents 1%

3.5 things

We do not compete with other inspection companies on price because most of the time they are unable to provide a similar level of service as MAZZA.
MAZZA is not a discount inspection firm. A lot goes into our service and in most cases, much much more than our competitors which is the reason we cannot come down to “their pricing”.
That’s right… we take whatever time necessary to thoroughly inspect your property. Although we will set approximate time frames, we will not work under definitive time restrictions like most all other inspectors will. The houses are all unique and therefore time frames are unpredictable so if it’s 4, 5, 6 hours so be it. We do not rush… so bring a lunch 🙂 .
We work only for our buyers and are influenced by nothing or no one, period.


We offer a 5 point inspection which encompasses the 5 major systems within a building at a discounted rate. With this inspection we will inspect the HVAC system, roof, electrical service and sub panels, plumbing system, structural components and attic. We can also inspect the sewer, chimney and pool for an additional fee. This inspection is perfect for the client who is only concerned about the major systems within a structure. www.5pointinspection.com

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